The Best Gluten Free Doughnuts – Borough 22 Spotlight + Review

It had been almost 8 years.

The gluten intolerance hit and there was no stopping it and I felt (and still feel somewhat) my world briefly shatter every time I walk past a Krispy Kreme or doughnut stand knowing it’s a gluten haven.

Borough 22, gluten free, review
Today I re-lived doughnuts in an amazing gluten free – vegan – soya free – egg free format provided by London based company Borough 22. Being free from a lot of things doesn’t have to mean it can’t taste just as deliciously naughty.

Borough 22, gluten free, doughnuts, review, gluten free doughnut, vanilla doughnut

Unlike Krispy Kremes and the mass produced doughnuts, these feel truly homemade, delectable – made with love – and all that type of jazz. Still the toppings are just as exciting, eye catching as the mass produced kind that you kinda feel bad for those big companies who have clearly lost out on connecting with such a passionate free from audience. The same situation as when Mcdonalds couldn’t facilitate a gluten free burger to be in their campaign (yet still manage to do provide gluten free buns in other EU countries). Just another reason why supporting small, loveable – heartfelt businesses like Borough 22 is much more worth your time and money.

Borough 22, gluten free, doughnuts, review, gluten free doughnut, vanilla doughnut
I meet Ryan Panchoo. The creator, the baker and he’s in the Bristol Temple Meads car park, rather tired 2/3rds through the current ‘Gluten Free Doughnut Rally’ awaiting his next list of locations to deliver to. He saw the demand across the UK and went for it- and I don’t feel it’s all about that dollar for Ryan; I was impressed by the kindness in communication, willingness to rearrange/ figure out how to make my gluten free doughnut dreams come true in the lead up.

Borough 22, gluten free, doughnuts, review, gluten free doughnut, vanilla doughnut
In this case i was only able to sample the vanilla glazed flavour, as this was part of a rally they were unable to facilitate a variety of flavours per order but this gave me enough insight to know (alongside the wealth of response from their Twitter following) that the others would be just as, if not more, delicious.

Maybe I’m gushing a bit but I guess that’s what you do when you meet the doughnuts of your gluten free dreams.

Borough 22, gluten free, doughnuts, review, gluten free doughnut, vanilla doughnut

For more information including other flavours on Borough 22 hop on over to their website. If you’re in London – place an order! If you’re not – wait for the next rally or join my inevitable petition to get them opening up shop here too ;)

Thanks Ryan and team, i am eternally grateful…

Have you had a gluten free doughnut? Let me know in the comments below or come and chat over on twitter @wbites.

New Found Joy – Gluten Free Review

New Found Joy, Gluten Free, review, caramel slice, chocolate brownie, diana delight, rocky road With a lot of gluten free sugary snacks on the market- and in particular the brownie- i was very thankful to be sent a selection from New Found Joy to review but not crazy excited to try in comparison to new inventive gluten free like wraps and such. I couldn’t have been more wrong really. These truly are some of the best gluten free naughty treats I’ve tasted.

New Found Joy are a new gluten free company on the market, based in Ireland, who aim to produce delicious gluten free baked goods that taste just as good as their gluten counterpart in an 100% segregated gluten free bakery environment. Lovely. Let jump straight to the taste test…!

New Found Joy ,Gluten Free, Caramel square

My favourite treat pre gluten free has always been a caramel slice, and apart from being a bit crumbly on the base- the chocolate and caramel was spot on. Perfect with a strong coffee I reckon.

New Found Joy, Diana Delight

Diana delight- I’ve never heard of this type of traybake before but I gave it a whirl. White chocolate with marshmallows and coconut. A bit too sweet for me but if I found this in a cafe as a gluten free option out and about I certainly wouldn’t be complaining!

New Found Joy, Gluten Free , Chocolate brownie

Chocolate brownie- after many a chocolate brownie in my gluten free life it’s definitely a difficult one to judge. I think people have different opinions about what makes a good chocolate brownie, and I love small bits of chocolate scattered on top. I tried this warmed up with a dollop of clotted cream ice cream and it was a match made in heaven, tasted like chocolate truffle! Restaurants really have no excuse to not at least serve this as a dessert option over the typical go-to fruit salad;) – also when will airlines realise that good gluten free cakes exist?!

New Found Joy, Gluten Free, Rocky Road

Last but not least is the Rocky Road. Oh mama. It may not be as chunky as you would like for a slab of rocky road but the mix of sultanas, marshmallow and biscuity crunch is just right.

It’s very difficult to tell the difference of these gluten free products in comparison to the gluten versions, aside a bit of a crumble in the biscuit side of things. I have no doubt they will succeed and I hope they continue to bring out more varieties as their business grows.

If you’d like to find out more about New Found Joy and any stockist information, head on over to their Facebook page!

Have you tried these tasty treats? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @wbites.

Sponge: Gluten Free Review.

coeliac, awareness week, 2015, gluten free, blog, uk

It’s Coeliac Awareness Week from the 11th- 17th May and with so many food businesses year upon year jumping on the opportunity with the aims to support Coeliac disease, I feel i can’t just dwell on the need to raise awareness but also celebrate how far we’ve come over the past 3 years! Gluten free convenience products are constantly getting better and chain restaurants are almost completely there; offering fantastic gluten free menus and labelling that makes anyone with coeliac disease live a much more comfortable life when eating out.

Understanding symptoms and diagnosis is still an ongoing issue and this is where we must now stress our thoughts and feelings throughout Coeliac Awareness Week- and I hope some of the big boy brands , that have jumped on the gluten free food bandwagon, will indeed help highlight the need for a stronger campaign of what the symptoms are and how to get checked. If you’d like to help spread awareness and make a real difference please, please, please go to the Coeliac UK website and follow details on how to do this and get involved.

Sponge Logo1

There is certainly a need to celebrate this year, as I’ve said before, I feel the quality of gluten free convenience products has definitely increased and what better way to celebrate that with loads of gluten free sponge cake?!
I was sent through these wonderful gluten free cakes to try from Sponge. I have to say, I was worried about them getting here in one piece (you know how gluten free cake is sometimes!) however the excellent packaging ensured pristine delivery. I needn’t have worried really, this cake wasn’t the crumbly rubbish you get in supermarkets, freshly made pieces of sugary naughtiness these were. Hands down, the best gluten free cake my whole family has tried.

Gluten Free Apple Crumble cake, Victoria Sponge, gluten free blog uk, gluten free, birthday cake
We sat round discussing our favourites and after my dad refused to try the Elizabeth (Two light, fruit Sponge with apricot, lemon oil and ground almonds topped sandwiched with an apricot jam filling and topped with demerera sugar) – adamant that Apple crumble was the only one his heart desired, we made him try a piece. He then announced that no, in fact the Elizabeth cake was the masterpiece.

Why can’t all days be like this?


With so much lovely cake it was hard to pick a favourite, I’m a fan of all, but if you’re a Victoria sponge aficionado- you won’t be disappointed. Got a big birthday coming up ? Your nan won’t notice the difference. Honest.

gluten free, sponge, cake, delivery, uk
This has truly been my favourite gluten free discovery of the year and I can see how Sponge can fill a very nice convenience gap for mums planning impromptu birthday parties and worried about allergies, office catering and boyfriends who are completely stuck as to what to get for their new girlfriend who’s a coeliac.

Gluten Free, cake, Sponge, packaging
They may not have the final finesse of an independent bakery like My go-to Ahh Toots here in Bristol, but they certainly have a great selection of cake flavours along with faultless delivery. I’ll stop gushing now!

*Get these gluten free cakes for free/ with a discount!*

Throughout Coeliac Awareness Week – 11th- 17th May, Sponge will be offering some exclusive offers on their gluten free cakes. If you fancy a chance of winning some cake for free- check out my Twitter feed on Friday the 15th May – UK entrants only!

Here’s all the details of their Coeliac Awareness Week offers:

GFCAKECARD till Sunday 17th May – 2nd slice free
GFSHARING till Sunday 17th – 20% off
GFBABY8 till Sunday 17th – £8 off a Gift Box of 8 (£9.99 instead of £17.99)


This product was given to me to review complimentary but it did in no way influence my opinion in this blog post. All written word and support is my genuine opinion.

Gluten Free British Bakels Multiseed Bread Mix Review

Bread. The enemy.

British Bakels, Gluten Free, Multiseed , packet
Well, to be honest – it’s actually not too bad anymore really, my results of making gluten free bread towards the end of last year and into 2015 have significantly improved; I think the River Cottage course I attended was invaluable. If you miss baking bread, or having that fresh loaf in the house- definitely get on a course.

I’ve always had struggles with bread mixes, doughy centres, weird tastes and some simply not rising during proving time and in the oven.

British Bakels, Gluten Free, Multiseed

British Bakels are new to the gluten free bread mix scene. They kindly sent me a pack of their new Multiseed Brown Mix to try, so i took a deep breath and remained positive as i read the packet.
Unlike other bread mixes this one required you to add yeast yourself- which I think is a positive thing. Making sure yeast is completely fresh and in date is key to getting a rise here, and I have a feeling some of the mixed in yeasts may lose their ‘umph’ after some time on the supermarket shelf.

British Bakels, Gluten Free, Multiseed

I popped the bread mix contents into my mixer with the yeast, a bit of vegetable oil and some water and timed the mixing on my phone. The latter is something which I never really do because I think I know how long a minute is in my brain, turns out I should be mixing these bread mixes for much longer. The moral of the story here is that instructions should be followed precisely guys!

I turned out the swidgy dough onto a gluten free floured surface, rolled it into a sausage shape and placed it in a bread tin- leaving to prove by the fire for about 2 -2.5 hours. There wasn’t a crazy rise but enough to notice a difference.

In the oven it went and I waited with crossed fingers, toes and eyes for around 25-30 minutes.

British Bakels, Gluten Free, Multiseed

What a success! This is certainly the best rise I’ve got from a bread mix in a long time, I even turned to the empty bread mix packet and thanked it. But did it taste good? I waited for it to cool completely before cutting a slice.

British Bakels, Gluten Free, Multiseed
Slightly sweet, with a few Pumpkin, Sunflower and Linseeds here-and-there scattered about. This bread makes a perfect strong cheddar cheese accompaniment, my family of gluten eaters were certainly impressed.

British Bakels, Gluten Free, Multiseed

A new, reliable gluten free bread mix to add to the pantry cupboard – and I couldn’t be happier that I’ve found one that I would use. If you love the process of bread making, this really is ideal.

For more information about the gluten free bread mix, suppliers and their other gluten free products hop over to the British Bakels website or connect with them on Facebook.

This was a sponsored post but did not effect my opinion in the review in anyway. 

Gluten Free Copenhagen

Anyone who knows me will know that i’m never one to not plan things and on New Years Eve last year, my husband and i started to jot down some places we’d like to visit for 2015. We’re not sure why – but Copenhagen had become a destination of conversation at the end of 2014, i feel it was propelled from designing our house as well as Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s programme ‘Scandimania’ – which i highly recommend watching if you ever get the chance.  We booked on New Years Eve. ‘I’ll worry about the gluten free dining side of things next year’ – i thought to myself.

Nyhavn, copenhagen

So the next day i began researching gluten free options in Copenhagen. On my initial Google, i got in a bit of a panic as there really wasn’t a huge list. That’s when i went into spreadsheet mode- any other gluten free peeps do this too? In the end, i needn’t have worried, Copenhagen is a friendly, thoughtful and welcoming city and they know a thing or too about a gluten free pastry! Here are my recommendations:

Where to stay in Copenhagen: Gluten Free

gluten free hotel, copenhagen

I may be biased, as we stayed here, but after having such a relaxing and comfortable time eating gluten free at Axel Guldsmeden i cannot highly recommend this place enough. The only downside is that it is a bit on the pricy side for breakfast (around £15pp).

Gluten free, breakfast, Copenhagen

It was phenomenal though. Organic, fresh fruit, gluten free bread, delicious hot food, cold meats and cheeses, homemade organic yoghurts and granolas.gluten free, bread, axel guldsmeden

There was so much choice that we indulged and couldn’t manage lunch really most days- the price for the breakfast is then completely justified.

gluten free pastry, copenhagen, gluten free

Andersen Bakery – Want a gluten free cake and a coffee for breakfast? Go here! We went just before we visited Tivoli Gardens, it worked out perfectly.

Where to eat a Gluten Free Lunch in Copenhagen?

We didn’t eat lunch out much in Copenhagen- mainly due to the big breakfast at the Hotel, but here are a few places we went to that i would recommend stopping by if your plans correlate well.

sticks n sushi, gluten free, copenhagen

Sticks ‘n’ Sushi – A lovely Japanese chain in Copenhagen with good understanding of catering to Coeliacs, just ask for a guide through the menu and the essential Tamari sauce for dipping!

DØP – Inexpensive, handy, on-the-go hot dog stand. Check out their wonderful traditional menu, all their sausages are gluten free, just ask to drop the bread and have the mashed roots option: ‘Our mash is made of parsnips, potatoes and kohlrabi and traditionally served with mustard, ketchup and beetroots.’

naturbageriet, gluten free, bakery

Naturbageriet – Gluten Free/ Vegan bakery very near to Torvehallerne Food Market – i popped here to get banana cake and a gluten free pizza foccacia for lunch. All gluten free options labelled easily in red.

naturbageriet glutenfree bakery

Personally i wouldn’t change the big breakfast and snacks/coffee and cake for lunch regime, it made things a lot easier for exploring the city spontaneously- nothing worse that rushing from a tourist heaved attraction to a lunch reservation on the other side of town.

Where to eat a Gluten Free Dinner in Copenhagen?

Have i said how great the food was in Copenhagen yet? Dinner was really where it shined, truly amazing. Definitely book for the following places, they are extremely popular (even for early blocks at 6pm) and you can also note and email the staff prior to your visit to let them know you’ll be needing a gluten free option.

tight, copenhagen, restaurant, gluten free, meal

Tight – Our favourite gluten free place to eat in Copenhagen, so good that we considered cancelling one of our other reservations to dine here again. Gluten free clearly stated on the menu, sublime service (friendly and completely welcoming to allergies) and delicious. Go here.

gluten free, menu, copenhagen

Madklubben – Great bistro style menu, great ‘special occasion’ atmosphere without the cost, lots of offerings and helpful with gluten free.

menu, gluten free, copenhagen

Barburrito – Want a fun night out, this was perfect. Great cocktails, and everything was gluten free aside the burrito tortilla. My husband is a huge burrito fan and he said the tacos were the star of the show- especially the coriander shrimp special. There are two options – takeaway or the sit in restaurant – if you’re a fan of 80’s/ funk/ pop classics definitely sit in and enjoy the night!

barburrito, gluten free. tacos

Spuntino – We ended up cancelling our reservation here as we simply couldn’t afford it in the end, but it gets a special mention for their service prior to our visit. Emails back and forth on gluten free, also the 5 course menu always sounds divine.

So there you have it. I miss it already!

I’d love to collate a list here for people searching for gluten free places to eat in Copenhagen, so if you’ve visited recently please comment below with your recommendation and i’ll add it to the list!

Gluten Free Black Garlic & Sesame Chilli Beef

I’m always looking for new ingredients to use in my recipes, to literally ‘spice up’ our weekly meals in the Wuthering Bites household, so when Sainsburys kindly sent me some Black Garlic to try, i was curious and ready to experiment as always.

black garlic, recipe, gluten free, stir fry

Before you get scared, Black Garlic is just in fact- regular garlic, that’s been cooked at a very low temperature for around three to four weeks. Its result is a tremendously sweet, umami flavour, rich but with a wonderfully subtle garlicy aftertaste.

Chilli Plant, gluten free blog uk, gluten free

It’s great for adding to meaty dishes of which you’d prefer the slow cooked taste of garlic rather than the very strong raw taste. Personally i find it wonderful for raw marinades and dressings- especially if you’re looking for the same garlic health benefits too!

Black Garlic Chilli and Sesame Marinade

Marinade Lover

One of the easiest, foolproof ways to introduce Black Garlic to your cooking is in Asian dishes, so i experimented with a marinade for a stir fry. Marinades really are a godsend and i never really get back in to the swing of making them throughout the winter as they are mostly associated with Barbecuing; as spring and summer approaches it’s almost second nature, but as i make this marinade on a chilly morning- i wonder why not?

broccoli, spring onion, black garlic, gluten free

Make a batch of the marinade and keep it in the fridge- ready to pour over some meat before work, and after a long day, you certainly reap in all the taste rewards.

gluten free, black garlic, chilli, sesame, beef

Gluten Free Black Garlic & Sesame Chilli Beef

 Serves 3

1 Large/2 small cloves of Black Garlic roughly chopped

1 tsp of Brown Sugar

1 small Fresh Red chilli

2 tsp of Chilli Flakes

2 tbsp of Olive Oil

3 tbsp of Tamari (more if you fancy)

1 tsp of Dark Sesame Oil

Salt and Pepper

350 grams Organic Beef Steak, diced.

A bunch of Tenderstem Broccoli

A few spring onions, chopped.

Sesame seeds.

Rice Noodles (to serve)

Start by making your marinade, put the black garlic, brown sugar, chilli flakes, olive oil, tamari and dark sesame oil into a small bowl and use a pestle or fork to stir and combine in the black garlic well.

Season the marinade with Salt, Pepper and a touch more chilli, sugar, tamari- dependent on your tastebuds!

In a medium sized bowl, put the diced beef in, season well with salt and pepper. Pour the marinade over the beef, stir it around well with a spoon. Cover the bowl with cling film and put in the fridge for 2-3 hours to marinade.

Heat a frying pan to a high heat and fry up any vegetables you may like to in a little oil. ( Here i’ve used broccoli and spring onions, but it’s up to you!)

Once the vegetables begin to steam well, add in the marinaded beef and cook until medium.

Add in a scattering of sesame seeds and give it a good stir.

Serve with rice or rice noodles and a drizzle more Tamari for taste.

The Black Garlic in this recipe was provided to me by Sainsburys. For more information about Black Garlic check out their website.

Have you tried Black Garlic? What did you make with it? Let me know in the comments below or on my Facebook page!

Gluten Free Warm Stir Fried Mackerel & Kale Salad with Tamari Honey Dressing

What is ‘eating healthy’ any more? I’m just confused.

Is anyone else bothered or confused by the constant preaching and contradictions in food / health food articles lately; pushing one thing as healthy then the next day it’s reportedly completely the opposite? Maybe i’m just too much of a media junkie but it’s normal to worry about your health and whether what you’re eating on a daily basis is what you should be, right?

Black kale, Green Kale, kale salad, gluten free recipe, blog, uk,

Recently i’ve been watching a vlogger from America, he’s not food vlogger at all, just an entertainer daily vlogging his life in America. He has, as a side note, become rather obsessed with making kale chips and it’s kinda become a ‘thing’.  Overtime it appears that he doesn’t necessarily make the kale chips because it’s a ‘healthy option’ now but rather because it’s a tasty way of cooking it. That should be how everyone approaches food. Kale seems to have trickled into the U.K into juices, juice diets and recipe books quicker than my cats eat their crunchies; i hope i’m not the only one who would just begin eating something just because someone tells me too.

Sesame seeds, saucepan, garlic, kale, gluten free recipe, blog, uk

I love vegetables. Honestly i really feel like i need to eat more of them in my diet. Do i? This is where the confusion lies. Can i really eat sugar in moderation? Can i have a bag of mini eggs if i feel like it one day?

Like many, i do have an obsession/ addiction to sugar- ‘the killer’- some say, which i’m aware of. In January i made a pact to eat ‘better’ – more ‘organically’, i guess, less produce that has pesticides and chemicals attached, in a bid to cleanse my body and perhaps increase a hope for not developing some form of cancer or health issues down the line. My mum passed away earlier that we all expected and i wonder- was it all just genetics? Could it have been about what she ate or her lifestyle?

Black kale, Green Kale, kale salad, gluten free recipe, blog, uk, mackerel, tamari dressing

It seems everyone is confused. Nothing’s proven. These articles and reports on super foods and ways of life will always debate back and forth but really we all just have to make an individual choice and get on with our lives. I think i’m gonna go with not eating products or produce with things i cannot pronounce in like ‘Benzophenone’- an addictive used usually in plastics.

How ’bout this for a catchy headline: Here’s a nice recipe, try it if you approve of the ingredients list! …

Black kale, Green Kale, kale salad, gluten free recipe, blog, uk, mackerel, tamari dressing

Gluten Free Warm Stir Fried Mackerel & Kale Salad with Tamari Honey Dressing

Serves 1

Juice of half a small lemon

1 teaspoon of honey

3 teaspoons of Tamari (Gluten free)

Drizzle of apple cider vinegar

2 tablespoons of rapeseed oil (extra for cooking)

Sprinkling of sesame seeds/ chopped almonds/ pistachios

1 garlic clove chopped finely

Chilli flakes (optional)

Bunch of Green Kale (I also used Black)

1 fillet of smoked mackerel (peppered optional)

In a cup put the lemon juice, honey, Tamari, apple cider vinegar and rapeseed oil with a bit of salt and pepper. Give it a good stir and set aside.

In a saucepan put a drizzle of oil in the pan with the finely chopped garlic and sesame seeds. Cook on a medium heat until the sesame seeds begin to smell toasted.

Add the kale and chilli flakes to the saucepan, along with the dressing and cook until the kale begins to wilt slightly. Pull the kale to the side of the pan and place in the mackerel skin side down and cook until warm- make sure to keep tossing the kale salad ingredients and to avoid it burning.

Serve immediately.

What do you think about healthy eating articles/ books? Are you confused? What choices have you made? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @wbites.

River Cottage Advanced Gluten Free Cookery Course Review

river cottage, tractor

At the end of last year, River Cottage kindly invited me to experience one of their advanced gluten free courses down at the River Cottage HQ taken by the lovely Naomi Devlin. I’ve always wanted to visit River Cottage, since they opened one of their lovely canteens in Bristol, so I instantly accepted and looked into the types of techniques and recipes that my husband Rob and I would be taught in the advanced gluten free cooking course:

Gluten free puff pastry

Gluten free yeasted pastry (to be used to make Iraqi pastries- Kleichas)

Gluten free choux pastry

Gluten free pitta breads

Gluten free french bread

Chat on gluten free nutrition

So an awful lot to cover in a day – i was wondering how we’d manage it all!

[On a side note, we decided to make a weekend of it so the night before the course we stayed at the affordable Tytherleigh Arms, who were very hospitable and welcomed my gluten intolerance with open arms. The food was stunning and the bed- very comfy, i highly recommend staying here if you’re going on a course and want to stay nearby –  for more information go on to their website.]

We woke up to the most beautiful beating sunshine on a crisp, chilly autumn morning. we couldn’t have gotten any luckier in terms of weather. The course started at 10am but we were asked to arrive for 9 so we set off after a bit of breakfast and drove to River Cottage.

The view from the top of the farm was spectacular.

River cottage, farm, HQ, view

Coeliacs assemble! After a few moments of waiting at the tractor stop, our tractor pulled up to take us on a ride down to the farm, something that’s become a bit of a perk when attending a River Cottage event. We chatted with fellow gluten intolerant and coeliacs and made our way down to the cookery course kitchen space.

river cottage, kitchen, lunch
Instantly there was lots of hustle and bustle as we were asked to gather some basic equipment for the day. Rob and I put on our black aprons… funny how as soon as you put on an apron you feel you can do anything in the kitchen.
With equipment at the ready and a tasty tomato rosti to keep us going, the introduction and cooking began…

River cottage, gluten free, cookery course

Rob and i were impressed with the result of our choux and puff pastry- both requiring a hell of alot of arm work but we agreed that nothing has come close in terms of processed products to these freshly made batches!

Gluten Free, Choux pastry

The Kleichas were an interesting alternative yeasted pastry to make, and extremely tasty. These were stuffed with a choice of delicious sweet mincemeat or sticky dates. We devoured these entirely on our way home and i immediately added them to the Christmas menu- to which family members were very impressed.

Gluten free, kleicha

We paused for a tasty fresh lunch of vegetable tagine with fresh vegetables followed by baked apples with a yoghurt ice cream made by the River Cottage team; which was the perfect accompaniment for talking to other course members about their reasons for coming on the course and for comparing our arm strengths (after the choux pastry workout!)

Lunch , gluten free, River cottage. Vegetable tagine, kale

Rob’s highlight of the day was with his puffed up pitta breads- these were just so easy and simple to make.

Gluten free, pitta breads

I however was overwhelmed by the gluten free french loaf that Naomi had prepared for us.

gluten free, french loaf,

A revelation really. This is how gluten bread tastes like- i instantly thought. I clutched my course notes tightly for the rest of the afternoon as to never lose that brilliant recipe. A few weeks later i made the same bread again with the same incredible results, it has now become a must for special occasions.

Gluten free, pitta breads

Naomi really made this entire day worthwhile, her end of the day knowledgeable talk on flours was incredible and she was kind and very approachable; which i feel is an important factor when choosing a cookery course. You need a teacher who can really relate to your reason for learning and as Naomi herself is a coeliac, i think she really gives you that trust that you need when learning gluten free cookery.

River cottage, farm view

The day was fun, challenging and if you’re determined to make gluten free bread from scratch it really allowed you to ask all those questions regarding rise, nutrition and what combination of flours work better for particular recipes/ pastries.

For more info and prices for this gluten free advanced cookery course you can view and book it here.

For more information about Naomi you can view her blog here, or chat to her on Twitter!

This course was kindly paid for by River Cottage but it did in no way effect my opinions stated in this review.

Heinz Gluten Free Pasta Review and Butternut Pasta Bake recipe.

Gluten Free, Butternut Squash, Pasta Bake, gluten free blog uk, heinz pasta,

In our household we relish in leftovers each week, something to be very grateful of and most likely to continue until we’re feeding for more than two of us. A few of our most popular leftovers are half a butternut squash and the remainder of a bunch of sage leaves. After cooking a batch of the traditional, classic butternut squash and sage risotto we always find ourselves with these two by the end of the week. Usually i would chop up the leftover butternut and pop it in a tupperware to defrost into soup but as it was Sunday, and funds were tight i decided to make something tasty with these and things we had left lying around in the fridge. I’m sure any food blogger would tell you, that it’s times like these where you get the most inspiration to write a recipe, it’s the equivalent of the mystery box challenge in Masterchef; especially with it being a Sunday too, i had to somewhat impress.

Gluten Free, Butternut Squash, Pasta Bake, gluten free blog uk, heinz pasta,

A few weeks back, Heinz sent me a wonderful array of their gluten free pasta range to try, we’ve tried the sauces numerous times with the pasta before- and i’ve expressed on my social media how much i love the convenience of these little boxes of joy- they are great for travelling with and quickly heating up for lunch with rice or pasta in the office. Their pasta is most definitely one of the more impressive gluten free pastas on the free-from market, on giving my dad a bag of penne, he responded with the typical ‘what’s this, gluten free, uhm?’ response, but after a day or two i get a follow up note saying how ‘it just tastes like normal pasta’. Yes. Yes it does father.

It’s definitely something that’s become more successful over time, i remember when gluten free pasta would just fall apart completely. There are still a few issues with gluten free pasta clumping together, particularly after it’s cooled but it’s something i’ve certainly learnt to deal with easy enough.

Gluten Free, Butternut Squash, Pasta Bake, gluten free blog uk, heinz pasta,

The Heinz gluten free pasta range features the comfort food favourite- macaroni, penne and spaghetti. All of which i have made successful dishes with. You can see some of the Heinz recommended recipes to try on their You Tube channel, which is great for anyone wanting some quick recipes to try with the sauces. I’ve found the penne to be my favourite but i feel this is more due to my childhood – loving the shape of penne to encase and slurp up every bit of the sauce with. The best is when a bit of bacon gets stuck inside, it’s like you’ve struck gold.

Gluten Free, Butternut Squash, Pasta Bake, gluten free blog uk, heinz pasta,

A pasta bake is a favourite with everyone, quite a simple recipe for a blog post really but this one whizzes up a butternut squash into a sauce which really does make it feel all kinds of special. A great cheap alternative for a wintery Sunday lunch.

Gluten Free, Butternut Squash, Pasta Bake, gluten free blog uk, heinz pasta,

Gluten Free Butternut Squash, Sage and Pancetta

 Pasta Bake.

Serves 4. 

You’ll need…

A large deep baking dish.

Half a butternut squash peeled and diced

Olive oil

1 white onion

Bunch of roughly chopped Sage leaves

Penne or Macaroni (enough for 4)

20g of Butter

100g Pancetta

100g Mozzarella

50g Parmesan

S + P

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C.

Put the chopped butternut squash into a saucepan of water and onto the boil.

In a saucepan fry the sage leaves, onion and pancetta with a drizzle of olive oil and any other seasonings you desire. When crispy, set aside.

Drain the soft butternut squash and transfer to a food processor and add in half a small cup of water and the butter with some salt and pepper. Whizz until smooth, you may want to add more water or butter to achieve the smooth silky sauce.

Pop the pasta onto cook.

Transfer the crispy sage, pancetta and onion into the butternut squash sauce and add in half of the parmesan. Season for taste and set aside.

Drain the cooked pasta and pour into the butternut squash sauce and stir well, making sure all pasta is coated.

Transfer the saucy pasta to a deep baking dish, and top generously with the remaining parmesan and mozzarella. Garnish with some sage leaves and a drizzle of olive oil and pop in the oven for 20 minutes until a cheesy, golden, irresistible top has formed.

Serve immediately, but careful not to burn your tongue ;)

To read more about the Heinz gluten free range pop on over to their website.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried this range of pastas before, what did you think? What’s the best gluten free pasta you’ve had?

Need your help: Vote for Wuthering! Food Mag Reader Awards 2015.

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Hello Wuthering Bites Fans!

The Food Magazine Food Reader Awards are back for 2015, i’ve been shortlisted for the third time for Best Food Blogger for the South West and i’m really hoping i can push to actually win it this year!

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