Bristol Good Food Awards 2014: Gluten Free Category Finalists!

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It’s that time of year again! Bristol restaurants, cafes, local food suppliers and food heroes are all awaiting this big annual event to see if they’ve won a Bristol Good Food Award.

Over the next few weeks i will be in fact judging for the gluten free category! This is the first year this category has been introduced and i feel incredibly honoured to be a part of such a wonderful celebration of Bristol’s great food. Catering to gluten free is highly commendable and in my many years of bidding to getting more gluten free options in restaurants, i really feel this award will really give other Bristol eateries encouragement and reason to think about their menu’s creatively in the future to cater to sufferers of Coeliac Disease and the Gluten Intolerant.

Over the past year, in Bristol and it’s surroundings, i have seen a fantastic rise in gluten free offerings, all which you’ll find on my Gluten Free Bristol List, long may this continue! These are the finalists in the gluten free category, voted by the general public, with links to their individual websites for your perusal. The winner and runner up will be announced on the May 18th- stay tuned!

Bristol Good Food Awards 2014

Best Gluten Free 

Boston Tea Party

Pizza Provencale

Primrose Cafe

The Townhouse

Windmill Hill City Farm

Marks and Spencer’s Free From Range review

It’s safe to say that one of the best suppliers of gluten free convenience products of late is Marks and Spencer – from their wonderful array of gluten free christmas biscuit treats and their wide range of party food, to their fish cakes and gluten free breaded fish that have been regularly available in their Simply Food stores. I generally do not get to visit their stores much, mostly because they are a bit out of my way but when i am in town or on the motorway i do make sure i pop into the free from section to see what’s going on.

I was kindly sent through some Free From samples to try on some products that i’ve only heard about in Twitter stories. Some Sliced White Boule with Poppy Seeds, Lemon Shortbread, Triple Chocolate Cookies and Mini Cheese Crackers. I made sure i got some opinions from Gluten eating beings also to see what they thought. Oh and Miko… can’t forget Miko.

gluten free, sliced, boule, poppy seed

Made Without Wheat Sliced White Boule

I was incredibly impressed with this in particular out of all the products, as most of us gluten free/Coeliac beings among us know -finding a decent loaf of gluten free bread can be a mean feat. Brilliant for freezing, toasting and for sandwiches, this bread had a really nice texture and crust. My favourite way to have it was toasted with some butter and honey with a cup of tea. I can imagine this bread would be perfect to make a bloomin’ good Ham, Mustard Sandwich with. Only negative is that i wish it could be a bigger loaf..

4/5 from WB

gluten free, mini ,cheese crackers

Made Without Wheat Mini Cheese Crackers

I really wanted these to be like the gluten Mini Cheddars but they didn’t quite get there for me in terms of being a moreish snack, i think there needed to be a stronger flavour of cheese. These would however be perfect for sliding on a cheese board and for a pre-party snack, the little bags also make them very convenient for taking on the go, putting in a lunchbox and as a nut substitute for a plane journey; so i have to give them points for that.

3.5/5 from WB

Marks and Spencer, made without wheat, lemon shortbread

Made Without Wheat Lemon Shortbread

Before being gluten intolerant, i was a massive fan of the Shortbread. It’s quite a tricky thing to get right in the kitchen, i have on numerous occasions found my gluten free attempts just melt into thin bits of cooked nothing. These were perfect, i love mostly the texture and the bits of lemon peel throughout. I could give these to my family and noone could tell the difference. Not even Miko…

5/5 from WB

4/5 from WB Hubby

5/5 from Miko

marks and spencer, made without wheat ,triple ,chocolate ,cookies

Made Without Wheat Triple Chocolate Cookies

I think this review comes down to personal taste as i much prefer a softer cookie as apposed to these crunchy ones but the general consensus around the office was that they were perfectly acceptable to have with a cuppa tea, i feel it may just be being fussy with cookies. I like there to be an even distribution of chocolate to cookie and sometimes was left with one piece of choccy in the whole cookie. I also like cookies to be soft and chewy. So not perfect for me, but great as an office treat.

2/5 for WB

4/5 for My work colleagues (who then devoured the lot!)

There are lots of other goodies in the Marks and Spencer’s Free From range, from more treats like their Chocolate loaf, Mini Coconut Macaroons, Orange Polenta Biscuits and Ginger Biscuits to a Brown Bloomer loaf topped with Millet Flakes. Proving to have truly stepped up their ‘free-from’ game in the past year, i just hope that- especially with these fantastic new breads that they continue to get some more gluten free lunch alternatives in the stores as sometimes it’s truly hit or miss if i find one!

What do you think of the M&S Free From Range? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @wbites!

These products were sent to be complimentary but did no way impact on any of my opinions stated here in the review. As always, just good ole honesty and keeping you informed! 

Gluten Free Holiday : Barbados

My Gluten Free Christmas consisted of a wee excursion to what i’m normally used to, i was lucky enough to get invited to my husbands family christmas in Barbados. I have to say, i’m normally one for cosying up by the fire and actually enjoying the cold as i work my way through numerous cheese and nibble platters and a big roast; but this year the warmth was very much welcome.

Gluten Free, Barbados

On The Plane

British Airways ,gluten free, meal

Eating gluten free on the British Airways flight was the first challenge, and i should have known better to bring a collection of goodies with me… the only food i brought in my hand luggage was Perkier Foods Rocky Road and of course i got through them in seconds. If you haven’t tried them yet i highly recommend you do! My on flight requested gluten free meal on the way out was rather terrible i have to say, guilty of the #Fruitisnotapudding debacle too as i found myself given three plates of fruit as snacks throughout the flight whilst others received sandwich carbs to fill their bellies. I made sure i was content however with my rocky road and numerous cups of tea whilst enjoying the first three episodes of Under The Dome on the inflight entertainment system.

Gluten Free Shopping

On arrival we headed straight for the Super Center supermarket in Holetown before going to our self catering villa at Port St Charles (Highly recommended). You’ll find some gluten free bits in the freezer section, i got a few breakfast muffins and some challah bread – both of which were edible but nowhere near as good as Genius or Udi’s in the U.K. It was also expensive, so i would recommend highly to bringing your own bread and gluten free essentials. 

Gluten Free Hotels in Barbados

If you’re looking for a Hotel to stay at, this website may give you an indication on the best hotels to accommodate gluten free guests, this health food shop delivers gluten free supplies. I’m sure if you are staying self catering, you could also arrange for a delivery from them also for when you arrive.

Eating out 

After a long day of sunbathing and cocktail drinking we were up for going out to several restaurants in the evening. I used to be very nervous eating out in different countries but as long as you do your research and make contact in advance with the restaurants there should never be a problem (unless all they serve is just gluten!). There are four restaurants i would recommend in Barbados that dealt with my request for a gluten free meal very well, and i must add the people in Barbados are SO friendly. Here are the four restaurants…

Cobblers Cove

Gluten Free Barbados

Cobblers Cove offers a wonderful night out, not only is the food very good but the atmosphere is very relaxing and just what you want after a day in the sun. We went on a christmas steel pan music night and it was actually very good, despite my reservations about Hotel entertainment. The waiters dealt with my gluten free requests very well  (we went here for lunch one day too). I ordered Proscuttio Ham, Green Apple and Blue Cheese salad to start, and the Fresh Daily Seafood Catch for a main. I was told i could also have all of the mains featured on the menu with the exception of the parmasen tuille on the risotto..something that i wouldn’t cry over. Fantastic.

The Fishpot

The Fishpot, Barbados, gluten free

The Fishpot is a really great, lively and romantic place to go for a meal out. Every time we went their we had a good laugh with the waiters and the location , right on the beach, is stunning. If you love seafood, like myself then this will be your favourite place to eat in Barbados, although a few of us ordered the Chicken main and there was several nodding heads around the table as they ate. I think it’s a good restaurant that aims to please alot of people. I had the fish of the day again, out of my own choice (i love fish!). The only thing on the menu that i couldn’t have were the tempura prawns, the chips, the gratin and the pasta dishes. Recommended.


Daphne's, Gluten Free, Barbados, menu

I was impressed with Daphne’s, merely for the fact that they had a completely separate gluten free dinner menu. Well this was easy! Top marks here for being able to offer gluten free pasta and an array of desserts. The downside however was that my order was slightly mixed up, and the wait for the food was very very long. So long that other tables around us had started to leave after a two hour wait. By the time my main had arrived (which was cooked perfectly) i just had to eat! Unfortunately this service did not make us want to go back and try again but if you’re staying in the area and are looking for a long lunch definitely try it as the beach will keep you occupied while you wait.

Daphne's ,Gluten Free, Barbados

Yacht Club 

sunburnt wutheringI don’t have a picture of the Yacht club menu or restaurant so here is a picture of me with rather patchy sunburn. Awesome.

We went to Yacht Club several times on our trip as it was on site on the self catering complex we were staying at – Port St Charles. Beautiful place and great accommodation. The Christmas day buffet was fab as i could practically have most things, the meats, roast red honey potatoes, rice and peas, plantain, fish curry and it was all cooked very well. We also went here on a Caribbean night which was very good fun and had a selection of tasty traditional Caribbean food, the roasted citrus chicken was very yummy and almost distracted me from the rather awful Tina Turner impersonator on stage…i told you i was not one for hotel entertainment! ;)


Wuthering bites, gluten free, Barbados

Overall a really great place to go on on a gluten free holiday. ESPECIALLY if you love your seafood. If you don’t, there will still be options but really make sure you phone the establishments in advance and make them put a mark on your booking and ensure they notify the chef also on arrival.

If you go to Barbados or have been already, please comment below on your experience and where you’ve been that’s suitable for a gluten free meal!


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Wuthering Bites Gluten Free Christmas Guide 2013

WB’s Gluten Free Christmas Guide 2013

If you are a Coeliac or on a Gluten Free diet there is nothing more stressful that planning a Gluten Free Christmas- as if christmas was stressful enough. It may not be for some people, who are all clued up in whats gluten free or not, but if you are starting out it can be quite a cafuffle; the same can also be said for anyone who is having a coeliac or gluten free guest over for Christmas this year. There is nothing worse than heading to the supermarket the weeks prior to the christmas break and being surrounded by other crazed shoppers while you are endlessly hunting the aisles or indeed- the backs of the products to search for the allergen box. Wouldn’t it just be good to have it all planned? WELL how about an ickle gluten free round up? Here are a few things i would recommend getting this year… I hope you’ve got your shopping list at the ready…

Gluten Free Christmas Cake and Pudding

I’m not a massive fan of christmas cake or pudding (dare i say!) but some of the free from products have truly shined this year.

The Sainburys Free From Iced Rich Fruit Slices are the perfect solution if, like me, you find christmas cake all a bit too much!

Hale and Hearty, gluten free, christmas, pudding

If you were organised you would have already ‘stirred up’ your homemade christmas pudding but if you’re keen to buy a separate gluten free christmas pudding for the party i would highly recommend the Hale & Hearty Gluten Free Christmas Pudding. Full of flavour but not too rich and boozy which some store bought puddings can be like. This is the perfect pud to add on that brandy for a flaming finish.

Gluten Free Mince Pies 

udi's, gluten free, mince, pies

The Udi’s Gluten Free Mince Pies (Avaliable currently in Tesco’s) have an excellent rich taste in the centre, if you like your mince pie crust to be quite soft and sugary then these are perfect. I tried these with custard and i was in heaven. However if i was to have mince pies with ice cream/ cream or on their own, i would want something with a firmer crust and i feel that the …

Marks and Spencer’s Gluten Free Mince Pies work for me, just like last year but with a revamped -even more buttery pastry crust. They tick all the boxes for me..

Gluten Free Nibbles / Starters

The Udi’s Ancient Grain Crisps, as mentioned in my previous review of their products are an excellent alternative to typical snacking crisps, the jalapeno cheddar flavour would be great with a sour cream dip and should be adored even by gluten eaters!

Here’s also a handy list from M&S on all those helpful nibbly party food sausages, trimmings, roasting joints which are gluten free this year.

Gluten Free Advent Calendars / Chocolate / Biscuits

Sainsburys have all sorts of great free from christmas treats this year including a very cute Free From Advent Calendar out this year, it’s nut free, dairy free and gluten free and it looks absolutely cracking. Not sure on the verdict of the chocolate’ll have to wait until December 1st!

The Sainsbury’s Panettone loaf cake is an amazing idea! I actually got all fuzzy inside when i saw this. It’s great cut into slices, popped in the oven for 30 seconds and served with lots of brandy cream. Delicious.

Other Free From sugary treats from Sainsbury’s this year include Mini Chocolate Yule Logs, Choc Discs, Santa Chocolate Bars which are fantastic for popping into any stocking!

photo 2 (3)

If you’re like me and can’t resist an After Dinner Mint Choccy, i’m rather addicted to the Marks and Spencer Mint Chocolate Twigs. I also don’t think you can go wrong with the Hotel Chocolat Alternative Mince Pies for an extra indulgent treat.

Gluten Free Hampers / Christmas Gift Ideas

The Really Truly Gluten Free Hampers are great affordable hampers to treat anyone with, whether they have a gluten intolerance or not! I particularly love the ‘Italian Night In’ Hamper. Perfect for something a bit different to marzipan and the like!

Keeping it Local- The Arch House Deli Gluten Free Hamper looks simply divine this year and i may have to buy one just for myself. Particularly loving the featured Kent and Fraser savoury biscuits to go with cheese- something which would be amazing if you were preparing a dinner party cheese course for a gluten free guest/coeliac. A gluten free cracker or biscuit for a slice of cheese is highly appreciated.


Marks and Spencer’s have a Classic Clarent with Gluten Free Festive Treats Hamper. These also feature the mince pie and biscuits again. Would make a great gift or a good way to quickly stock up on some gluten free essentials if ordering other M&S food online; only available for delivery between 16th to 23rd December 2013.

Gluten Free Christmas Dinner

gluten free, beef gravy

The Sainsbury’s Free From Beef Gravy is the perfect meaty gravy that you need to accompany any special roast dinner so if you aren’t a master of making the gravy from scratch and adding the Doves Farm Gluten Free Plain Flour to thicken, then i would recommend getting a pack of this and popping it in the microwave. That flour is essential for anyone who’s cooking for someone who is gluten intolerant or Coeliac, you can pretty much opt in this flour every time you would normally use regular flour in general cooking.

If you prefer packet stuffing for convenience then i would grab a pack of the Mrs Crimbles Sage and Onion Stuffing, a relative of mine bought a packet of this one year and didn’t notice a major difference to the Paxo boxes you get; which is always good to know as having to make and buy separate gluten free additions isn’t going to help anyones budget or time this Christmas.

You could always make your own Gluten Free stuffingmy recipe i created last year is easy, simple and tastes way better than packet bought!

gluten free, yorkshire pudding

For the most epic Yorkshire pudding i would recommend making your own ones (the prepacked DS Gluten free ones just don’t have that yumminess in my opinion). Try using this great recipe by Adriana from Gluten Free 4 Kids- never fails for me!

Kallo Stock Cubes are all gluten free (double check on the stock pots) which is worthy to note when doing your christmas shop.

I hope this blog has been some help for sorting your Gluten Free Christmas or options this year! Look out for posts in the next couple of weeks for more gluten free christmas food inpiration!


Udi’s Gluten Free Review

Udi’s Gluten Free products come to the U.K!

I’d been looking at American instagram-er’s for a long time, watching them post pictures of the fabulous range that Udi’s had to offer to the gluten free market and i am so pleased that they finally have come over to the U.K. The bagels were the most anticipated from the u.k i think, to have a gluten free cinnamon and raisin bagel again is like, for me, rediscovering Kate Bush’s Hounds Of Love album; amazing. I digress..

I was kindly given a bundle of goodies through the post from Udi’s to review with a mixture of some very tasty products. I received Toaster Pastries (Otherwise known as fancy Pop Tarts without the sickly icing) in both Apple and Cinnamon and Strawberry flavours, Cinnamon and Raisin Bagels, Ancient Grains Crispies in Jalapeno Cheddar flavour, Chocolate Chip and Toffee Muffins and a box of mince pies.  I have to say i enjoyed every single part of this gluten free bundle but i will go into a bit more detail on some of the stand out products for me and also some opinions from my gluten eating friends.

Udi's, Apple and Cinnamon, Gluten Free, Toaster Pastries

Udi’s Gluten Free Apple and Cinnamon Toaster Pastries.

What a nice change to have for a gluten free snack. I found these excellent to have at work when i got the brunch nibbles. I liked them mostly because they are not too sickly and have just the right amount of jam-to-pastry ratio. I probably wouldn’t buy them all the time, there is an awful lot of ingredients in them- and i don’t like to eat alot of things i don’t know the name of every single day; but these are great to take on holidays and for breakfast cravings.  My gluten eating colleague said: “MMM i like them because they are nice and cinnamony!”

Verdict- 3 out of 5 

Udi's, Gluten Free, Ancient Grain, Crisps

Udi’s Gluten Free Ancient Grain Crisps in Jalapeno Cheddar Flavour

These were SO moreish. My gluten eating husband and i were munching away on these on a Saturday night whilst we were waiting for our roast to cook and we seriously couldn’t stop. Who needs Pringles or chilli Doritos? These are on par and excellent nibble food for guests- though i doubt sharing these would be an option for some. I love most the texture of these baked crisps, they have bits of pepper, dried beans in the actual crisps and make them nice and crunchy too. My gluten eating husband said: ” These are so yummy i don’t want dinner now. These would be great on soup.”

Verdict:- 4 out of 5

Udi's, Chocolate Chip, Toffee, Muffins

Udi’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip and Toffee Muffins

One of the best muffins on the gluten free market i think. These are delicious. I had both (naughtily) for breakfast one morning. Someone mentioned on twitter how these would also be great heated up with custard on. Now i’m on the mission to make this be a reality very very very soon. YUM.

Verdict:- 5 out of 5

Udi's, Gluten Free, Cinnamon and Raisin, Bagels

The Cinnamon and Raisin bagels i reviewed on my Facebook page and it was interesting to see the comments from others who have tried them also. The mince pies i shall be reviewing in a post called WB’s guide to a Perfect Gluten Free Christmas. So make sure you are subscribing to the blog to ensure you don’t miss out on the verdict!

To find out more about the Udi range and stockists have a look on over at their website. If you have any questions feel free to fire them at their twitter as they are very helpful.

These products were given to me to review complimentary but this did not effect this review in anyway. 

Need your Help! Nominate Wuthering Bites for Best South West Food Blogger

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Hello Wb Fans!

The Food Magazine Food Reader Awards are back for 2014, and although i missed out on getting the award last year i’m hoping this year to try again and secure an award for Best Food Blogger for the South West.
I’ve been working so hard on this blog for the past couple of years and I love sharing my stories about my wacky self on Wuthering Bites and it’s nice to have somewhere that i can express my passion for gaining more Gluten Free awareness in the U.K. I really hope things such as my gluten free recipes and tips and Gluten Free Bristol List have helped my readers.

I would love it if you could vote for my blog in the Food Mag 2014 Food Reader awards in the Best Food Blogger category for the South West. I hope that my constant dedication for providing you with good content on all social platforms, as well as this blog has earned a right to be nominated again for such an award!

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Lots of food love,

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Free From People’s Choice Award Nominee-Vote for WB now!

Free From Peoples Choice Award Blog Nominee

Wuthering Bites gets Nominated for the Free From Peoples Choice Awards!

I am so delighted to announce that Wuthering Bites has been has been picked as one of the nominees for the Free From People’s Choice Awards 2013 set to launch on the 1st of September 2013.  What i need is for my lovely subscribers and followers to vote for my blog to win and i would really appreciate any support!

I would really appreciate your vote from the bottom of my gluten free heart! This blog is truly my baby, what i believe in every single day and i really hope you’ve enjoyed reading it too.

Each person only has one vote so get involved.  By getting involved and casting your vote, you’ll also have a chance to WIN a range of fantastic free from prizes.  Each person that votes will be entered into a free prize draw to win a £100 food shopping gift voucher.

See more information and vote for Wuthering Bites at the voting page here.

Wish me luck and thank you!!

WB x

Overnight Bites: Gluten Free at The Swan at Wedmore

The Perfect Gluten Free Somerset getaway…

bird, wallpaper, the swan at wedmore, gluten free, night away, holiday, somerset

This blog post wasn’t originally going to be an Overnight Bites post but as my husband and i planned to stay here overnight for our anniversary this year (had to cancel due to other commitments at the time), i thought i should jolly well review The Swan at Wedmore anyway as one- it is a fantastic place to stay if you’re looking for a B&B /pub with rooms that does exquisite gluten free food with plenty of options on site.

Lovely marketing lady Cassia invited myself, Abby from Bristol Eating Adventures and Kym from Gert Lush Food to come have a look around this lovely gastro pub and the gorgeous garden and rooms. It truly is a great place to visit with friends and family as the surrounding offer plenty to do and food that is worth travelling the 40 mins from Bristol.

The swan at wedmore, garden, gluten free, pub with rooms, b&b

The rooms here were absolutely gorgeous, in particular i loved the ‘big rooms‘ which can offer elegant roll top baths – some next to the window so you can look out into the country surroundings and truly relax. The decoration of The Swan is extremely homely but luxurious and there is something very tranquil and romantic about the rooms above the pub and evidently why so many people also choose this as a great wedding venue too with their Club function room, something Abby was eyeing up as she’s currently planning a wedding herself!

roll top bath, room 3, swan at wedmore

We sat down for lunch, and although it was sunny outside there was a bit of wind so we thought we wouldn’t chance it! The bar dining area was lovely, surrounded by people chatting and nibbling away at bar snacks and cakes from a display table- any place with an array of cake stands gets a thumbs up from me, as i’m sure you all know.

gluten free menu, the swan at wedmore, somerset, dining, getaway, gluten free reviews, bristol, gluten free blog uk

Gluten free bread while you wait?! Surely not.

The menu came presented to me edited with what gluten free options their was written on top, which was particularly helpful and i was glad i didn’t have to prompt them on arrival- just notified the restaurant on booking- make sure this information gets to the chef when you book and all should be fine. Gluten free bread was served with some olive oil and butter while making our decisions. (i really wish more restaurants would do this for gluten free diners!)

gluten free bread, butter, oil, swan at wedmore

We selected some starters to share as we just could not decide! The duck ham with spiced Rhubarb chutney, the beetroot pakoras, and the chargrilled asparagus with homemade ewes cheese. After speaking with the lovely head chef Tom Blake after our meal next to the herb garden it’s clear that The Swan are passionate about using, handgrown, local produce and suppliers which is truly shown from the high quality of food that arrived infront of us to sample. The menu also changes online daily.

Duck ham, ,Spiced Rhubarb Chutney, gluten free, swan at wedmore

I was amazed at how fresh this asparagus was, although chargrilled, this really didn’t overpower what so ever and the homemade ewes cheese was a match made in heaven. The duck ham was tender and matched the rather unusual combination of sweet spiced rhubarb chutney, something i just know many people would be a fan of. The beetroot pakoras were a very welcome starter, especially for a gluten free diner, in which most crispy things are banned- due to specific fryers being used for gluten prepared chips or tempura-ed creations. Sweet crispy and cooling with the kohlrabi tzatziki it was my favourite starter.

beetroot pakora, gluten free, swan at wedmore, gastro pub,

For my main i chose was Cornish pollack Steamed En papillote style in white wine, fennel, garlic with capers, jersey royals and a shellfish sauce. I have fish on a regular basis when i dine out, as it’s a common gluten free option and it’s something i hardly cook at home as i find really good fish out of my price range. This was cooked to perfection, lovely buttery jersey royals and the fragrant fennel topped everything nicely.

swan at wedmore, gluten free, cornish pollack, lunch, menu, gluten free review

Gluten Free Cake Heaven

Just when i thought nothing could get better, i was tempted by a gluten free chocolate and almond cake with thick somerset cream for dessert, something i truly cannot resist. Cake and cream. I was pleased to not be offered a lemon and polenta cake or brownie which seems to be the standard choice for the gluten free option (hey :) bit bored of it now!). After putting the following pic on Instagram, it really was as good as it looked. A mighty fine cake to top off a stunning lunch.

chocolate and almond, cake, gluten free, swan at wedmore, dessert, gluten free dining, review, uk

A simply amazing day with some lovely people visiting a fantastic place. The amount of people i have recommended to go here is an insane amount and i’m sure after this post a good few more gluten free diners will be heading to The Swan at Wedmore. The service, the food, the rooms, location and the atmosphere make this a winning gluten free escape.

Well go on then… plan your trip!

The Nutribox Gluten Free Review

Healthy Gluten Free Snacking Made Easier

photo (5

A few weeks ago, when i was just starting to get my exercise routine into a bit of shape,  i was contacted by The Nutribox to see if i’d like to sample one of their ‘Mini Boxes.’ I was a bit hesitant at first as i’m not really one for spending money on regular food boxes- mostly because my husband would give me the evils for going over budget, but i i’ve always wanted to try things like these and Graze as they do offer excellent gluten free snacks – particularly handy when you’re in the city center and everything is convenience glutenated. It was particularly helpful to have something in my bag in the cinema which i didn’t feel too guilty eating too!

The Nutribox, gluten free, mini nibbles

The Nibbles

All the snacks in the Nutriboxes are Gluten Free, which is reassuring if you’ve always wanted to try Graze boxes but were concerned of any cross contamination. I say this, but on the back of the Ludlow Nut Co nut mixes i did find that it had a notice saying gluten containing products were produced on the same line. Not being a coeliac this isn’t a problem for me but may be worth double checking before you order for a swap, if you are concerned.

gluten free, the nutribox, review

Some of the snacks are rather calorie dense with this protein Bounce boost bar being around 200 calories, but it did fill me up throughout the morning before doing my skipping rope exercise routine outside (So cool it hurts right?). This was my favourite of the bunch, it was something different, no nasty bad sugar and if you love peanut butter it is definitely a winner.

The Nutribox, Mini, gluten free,  Nibbles

The Mulu raw silk chocolate was also a lovely surprise, i found myself grating one of the blocks every night over some probiotic frozen yoghurt which was a lovely dessert with no cane sugar involved.

My husband trialed the Happy Kitchen Pecan Brownie and the 9 Nutty Bar, no complaints here but more delighted to see something new added to his lunch box, which is a victory in itself as he’s not keen on eating nuts in things.

Allergy Friendliness 

If you do have a nut allergy i think it would be difficult to trial the Nutribox, almost all of the snacks had nuts in. Most of the gluten free snacks were also dairy free so if dairy was a concern i reckon you’d be safe! Every box has the option to be vegan too.

The Price

It costs £12.95 a month to get the Nutribox Mini that i sampled, but is 8-10 snacks enough to fill the monthly snack need? I reckon it’s definitely a good box to get if you are looking for post-pre exercise snacks, gluten free things to eat on the go that are a bit different and healthier than say a packet of crisps. It’s definitely a positive that the snacks are gluten free as i would most likely go into a shop and pick up something on the way- but if you have problems in the city center like i do finding gluten free friendly snacks- then it’s just nice to have it sorted.

It would be tempting to get the Nutribox of 16-20 snacks, but at £25 a month i cannot justify this with cats to feed, and being on a gluten free food budget is bad enough on the wallet. If you sign up for a 3-6 month subscription this price does come down a few pounds but not enough to make me try it long term. I would stick to the minibox!

(If you go to the bottom of this review you’ll see an exclusive 35% discount code for 10 of my readers to trial!)

Overall WB Verdict

Definitely good for the gluten free/ coeliac person on the move. The Mini box would be a happy addiction to the shopping list if you’re exercising and dieting and find it hard to keep track on the cals. The snacks provide good,healthy, low sugar treats and i think it just depends whether your lifestyle fits the bill!

For more information on The Nutribox please see their website or give them a tweet!

Nutribox has been kind enough to set up a Wbites discount code for 10 of my readers to receive 35% off your first box which you can claim by entering WB35 in the discount codes box on Make haste!

I was given a complimentary The Nutribox Mini to sample but this in no way affected by opinion of the product.