Gluten Free Bristol News: The Mighty Burger Company


Mighty, Burger, Company, gluten free

A new Gluten Free Bristol business on Twitter has popped up recently @MightyBurgerCo looking to offer creative Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free burgers in a heavily meat obsessed city. I think this is a great idea, hence me posting a special alert blog about it!, i am intrigued to see the range of burgers they will offer!

Follow their Twitter and Instagram feeds for a competition coming up soon to win free packs of their burgers.

Shall keep you updated on Twitter @wbites as always ;)

Gluten Free Holiday : Barbados

My Gluten Free Christmas consisted of a wee excursion to what i’m normally used to, i was lucky enough to get invited to my husbands family christmas in Barbados. I have to say, i’m normally one for cosying up by the fire and actually enjoying the cold as i work my way through numerous cheese and nibble platters and a big roast; but this year the warmth was very much welcome.

Gluten Free, Barbados

On The Plane

British Airways ,gluten free, meal

Eating gluten free on the British Airways flight was the first challenge, and i should have known better to bring a collection of goodies with me… the only food i brought in my hand luggage was Perkier Foods Rocky Road and of course i got through them in seconds. If you haven’t tried them yet i highly recommend you do! My on flight requested gluten free meal on the way out was rather terrible i have to say, guilty of the #Fruitisnotapudding debacle too as i found myself given three plates of fruit as snacks throughout the flight whilst others received sandwich carbs to fill their bellies. I made sure i was content however with my rocky road and numerous cups of tea whilst enjoying the first three episodes of Under The Dome on the inflight entertainment system.

Gluten Free Shopping

On arrival we headed straight for the Super Center supermarket in Holetown before going to our self catering villa at Port St Charles (Highly recommended). You’ll find some gluten free bits in the freezer section, i got a few breakfast muffins and some challah bread – both of which were edible but nowhere near as good as Genius or Udi’s in the U.K. It was also expensive, so i would recommend highly to bringing your own bread and gluten free essentials. 

Gluten Free Hotels in Barbados

If you’re looking for a Hotel to stay at, this website may give you an indication on the best hotels to accommodate gluten free guests, this health food shop delivers gluten free supplies. I’m sure if you are staying self catering, you could also arrange for a delivery from them also for when you arrive.

Eating out 

After a long day of sunbathing and cocktail drinking we were up for going out to several restaurants in the evening. I used to be very nervous eating out in different countries but as long as you do your research and make contact in advance with the restaurants there should never be a problem (unless all they serve is just gluten!). There are four restaurants i would recommend in Barbados that dealt with my request for a gluten free meal very well, and i must add the people in Barbados are SO friendly. Here are the four restaurants…

Cobblers Cove

Gluten Free Barbados

Cobblers Cove offers a wonderful night out, not only is the food very good but the atmosphere is very relaxing and just what you want after a day in the sun. We went on a christmas steel pan music night and it was actually very good, despite my reservations about Hotel entertainment. The waiters dealt with my gluten free requests very well  (we went here for lunch one day too). I ordered Proscuttio Ham, Green Apple and Blue Cheese salad to start, and the Fresh Daily Seafood Catch for a main. I was told i could also have all of the mains featured on the menu with the exception of the parmasen tuille on the risotto..something that i wouldn’t cry over. Fantastic.

The Fishpot

The Fishpot, Barbados, gluten free

The Fishpot is a really great, lively and romantic place to go for a meal out. Every time we went their we had a good laugh with the waiters and the location , right on the beach, is stunning. If you love seafood, like myself then this will be your favourite place to eat in Barbados, although a few of us ordered the Chicken main and there was several nodding heads around the table as they ate. I think it’s a good restaurant that aims to please alot of people. I had the fish of the day again, out of my own choice (i love fish!). The only thing on the menu that i couldn’t have were the tempura prawns, the chips, the gratin and the pasta dishes. Recommended.


Daphne's, Gluten Free, Barbados, menu

I was impressed with Daphne’s, merely for the fact that they had a completely separate gluten free dinner menu. Well this was easy! Top marks here for being able to offer gluten free pasta and an array of desserts. The downside however was that my order was slightly mixed up, and the wait for the food was very very long. So long that other tables around us had started to leave after a two hour wait. By the time my main had arrived (which was cooked perfectly) i just had to eat! Unfortunately this service did not make us want to go back and try again but if you’re staying in the area and are looking for a long lunch definitely try it as the beach will keep you occupied while you wait.

Daphne's ,Gluten Free, Barbados

Yacht Club 

sunburnt wutheringI don’t have a picture of the Yacht club menu or restaurant so here is a picture of me with rather patchy sunburn. Awesome.

We went to Yacht Club several times on our trip as it was on site on the self catering complex we were staying at – Port St Charles. Beautiful place and great accommodation. The Christmas day buffet was fab as i could practically have most things, the meats, roast red honey potatoes, rice and peas, plantain, fish curry and it was all cooked very well. We also went here on a Caribbean night which was very good fun and had a selection of tasty traditional Caribbean food, the roasted citrus chicken was very yummy and almost distracted me from the rather awful Tina Turner impersonator on stage…i told you i was not one for hotel entertainment! ;)


Wuthering bites, gluten free, Barbados

Overall a really great place to go on on a gluten free holiday. ESPECIALLY if you love your seafood. If you don’t, there will still be options but really make sure you phone the establishments in advance and make them put a mark on your booking and ensure they notify the chef also on arrival.

If you go to Barbados or have been already, please comment below on your experience and where you’ve been that’s suitable for a gluten free meal!


Vale House Kitchen Cookery Course Gluten Free Review.

Vale House Kitchen, bath, timsbury, gluten free cookery course

The lovely Bod and Annie Griffiths invited myself and Abby from Bristol Eating over to try the One Day Seasonal Cookery Course with River Cottage’s Tim Maddams at their lovely new cookery school Vale House Kitchen. Situated on the site of what must be ‘the House of my dreams’, with chickens, pigs, orchards, veggie patches – the works, it was such a foodie haven, and wonderful environment situated in the village town of Timsbury, just outside of Bath.

Vale House Kitchen

The classes are intended to be small and extremely personal, with 8-10 participants per class it was Bod and Annie’s vision to ensure that everyone will get one-to-one tuition time with their tutor on the day- something i think is really quite essential if you are paying £100 or more for a cookery course. The courses range from standard cooking, jam making, cake decoration to more adventurous country skills like butchering, fly fishing and foraging which can last a couple of days.

 Jam , Gluten Free, Drop Scones

We got picked up from Bath in the comfy Vale House Kitchen minibus which picks up guests from Villa Magdala (recently featured in Crumbs Magazine) and The Carpenters Arms; close recommended accommodation choices for the cookery school.

Before attending with Abby i notified Bod Griffith that i’d be needing to make dishes gluten free on the day, as the course did not specify gluten free i was worried that i wouldn’t be able to cook everything during the day. I needn’t have worried- Bod and Tim Maddams our tutor ensured that i had gluten free flour, separate tips and tricks and that the drop scones on arrival were all gluten free. It was great to see how they could adapt, even though it wasn’t a specialist gluten free cookery course.

homegrown vegetables, vale house kitchen

After some tea and drop scones with wonderful Raspberry and Vanilla Jam -made on their Jam course and THE best jam i’ve probably ever tasted!- we popped on our aprons and got to baking some bread, a baked Creme Catalan and fresh pasta with a courgette sauce.

Vale House Kitchen, Gluten Free Bread

The Bread and pasta i made was obviously going to be slightly different ,with more eggs to flour, compared to what everyone else made but the recipes and textures in the results were spot on- especially the pasta- a recipe which undoubtedly i will be using again and again at home. There was no point where i felt lost or out of place making these recipes gluten free and was guided along whenever i needed help- this is where i feel cookery courses with smaller classes like at Vale House Kitchen ensure you get what you pay for.

Creme Catalan, gluten free, vale house kitchen

The Creme Catalan was probably my second favourite thing Tim taught us to make- as i’m a bit of a dessert queen. An easy and simple dish to make for a dinner party or romantic meal for two, which you can easily adapt to make your own with different fruit or chocolate.

Vale House Kitchen cooking time

After a little break to eat our courgette pasta we went to see the pigs and chickens then got on to cooking our main course Partridge Two Ways and Marrow Pickle. What i liked about the dishes we learnt was that they could be adapted to things you have in the house at the time and what is seasonal, the partridge two ways could easily be made the same with another bird, and the marrow pickle with another vegetable of choice.

Gluten Free, Fresh Pasta, Courgette Sauce

vale house kitchen, pigs

Sausage and Bacon

We sat in the sunshine outside and marvelled over our dishes we had made, Bod brought out some roasted vegetables he had put in the oven as we we’re cooking and we dug into the feast of our efforts with some wine. What a lovely way to finish the day with your fellow students.

Partridge, vale house kitchen, gluten free

I would highly recommend these courses to anyone on a gluten free diet but probably not the Bread Making Course- but Bod and Annie have expressed their interest in setting up a specialised gluten free course which i feel would go down a storm with gluten intolerant and coeliacs all over the land.

If you’re looking for a birthday present or christmas present to give to someone this year, this really is a special thing to do, especially if you team it up with a weekend trip to Bath.

Highly recommended, thank you Bod, Annie, Tim for such a wonderful day.

WB x

Overnight Bites: Gluten Free at The Swan at Wedmore

The Perfect Gluten Free Somerset getaway…

bird, wallpaper, the swan at wedmore, gluten free, night away, holiday, somerset

This blog post wasn’t originally going to be an Overnight Bites post but as my husband and i planned to stay here overnight for our anniversary this year (had to cancel due to other commitments at the time), i thought i should jolly well review The Swan at Wedmore anyway as one- it is a fantastic place to stay if you’re looking for a B&B /pub with rooms that does exquisite gluten free food with plenty of options on site.

Lovely marketing lady Cassia invited myself, Abby from Bristol Eating Adventures and Kym from Gert Lush Food to come have a look around this lovely gastro pub and the gorgeous garden and rooms. It truly is a great place to visit with friends and family as the surrounding offer plenty to do and food that is worth travelling the 40 mins from Bristol.

The swan at wedmore, garden, gluten free, pub with rooms, b&b

The rooms here were absolutely gorgeous, in particular i loved the ‘big rooms‘ which can offer elegant roll top baths – some next to the window so you can look out into the country surroundings and truly relax. The decoration of The Swan is extremely homely but luxurious and there is something very tranquil and romantic about the rooms above the pub and evidently why so many people also choose this as a great wedding venue too with their Club function room, something Abby was eyeing up as she’s currently planning a wedding herself!

roll top bath, room 3, swan at wedmore

We sat down for lunch, and although it was sunny outside there was a bit of wind so we thought we wouldn’t chance it! The bar dining area was lovely, surrounded by people chatting and nibbling away at bar snacks and cakes from a display table- any place with an array of cake stands gets a thumbs up from me, as i’m sure you all know.

gluten free menu, the swan at wedmore, somerset, dining, getaway, gluten free reviews, bristol, gluten free blog uk

Gluten free bread while you wait?! Surely not.

The menu came presented to me edited with what gluten free options their was written on top, which was particularly helpful and i was glad i didn’t have to prompt them on arrival- just notified the restaurant on booking- make sure this information gets to the chef when you book and all should be fine. Gluten free bread was served with some olive oil and butter while making our decisions. (i really wish more restaurants would do this for gluten free diners!)

gluten free bread, butter, oil, swan at wedmore

We selected some starters to share as we just could not decide! The duck ham with spiced Rhubarb chutney, the beetroot pakoras, and the chargrilled asparagus with homemade ewes cheese. After speaking with the lovely head chef Tom Blake after our meal next to the herb garden it’s clear that The Swan are passionate about using, handgrown, local produce and suppliers which is truly shown from the high quality of food that arrived infront of us to sample. The menu also changes online daily.

Duck ham, ,Spiced Rhubarb Chutney, gluten free, swan at wedmore

I was amazed at how fresh this asparagus was, although chargrilled, this really didn’t overpower what so ever and the homemade ewes cheese was a match made in heaven. The duck ham was tender and matched the rather unusual combination of sweet spiced rhubarb chutney, something i just know many people would be a fan of. The beetroot pakoras were a very welcome starter, especially for a gluten free diner, in which most crispy things are banned- due to specific fryers being used for gluten prepared chips or tempura-ed creations. Sweet crispy and cooling with the kohlrabi tzatziki it was my favourite starter.

beetroot pakora, gluten free, swan at wedmore, gastro pub,

For my main i chose was Cornish pollack Steamed En papillote style in white wine, fennel, garlic with capers, jersey royals and a shellfish sauce. I have fish on a regular basis when i dine out, as it’s a common gluten free option and it’s something i hardly cook at home as i find really good fish out of my price range. This was cooked to perfection, lovely buttery jersey royals and the fragrant fennel topped everything nicely.

swan at wedmore, gluten free, cornish pollack, lunch, menu, gluten free review

Gluten Free Cake Heaven

Just when i thought nothing could get better, i was tempted by a gluten free chocolate and almond cake with thick somerset cream for dessert, something i truly cannot resist. Cake and cream. I was pleased to not be offered a lemon and polenta cake or brownie which seems to be the standard choice for the gluten free option (hey :) bit bored of it now!). After putting the following pic on Instagram, it really was as good as it looked. A mighty fine cake to top off a stunning lunch.

chocolate and almond, cake, gluten free, swan at wedmore, dessert, gluten free dining, review, uk

A simply amazing day with some lovely people visiting a fantastic place. The amount of people i have recommended to go here is an insane amount and i’m sure after this post a good few more gluten free diners will be heading to The Swan at Wedmore. The service, the food, the rooms, location and the atmosphere make this a winning gluten free escape.

Well go on then… plan your trip!

Overnight Bites: Magdalen Chapter

         Magdalen Chapter lounge

A night away was thoroughly needed after having such a hectic week of bills, cat problems (misbehaving as they do) and realising that the weekend would only be another routined food shopping trip; it was time to have a re-think and escape for Rob and i.

Very kindly, the funky new Magdalen Chapter hotel in Exeter had invited us to stay and try out their gluten free options. As they were nominated in the Best Foodie Hotel category in the Food Mag reader awards we knew this was going to be something special. When Rob and i were planning our wedding, we had arranged guests to stay in their partner hotel Montpelier Chapter in Cheltenham and we’d actually been planning to stay their ourselves this year after the sheer amount of praise from our wedding guests.

Magdalen Chapter

Instantly on walking up to the hotel, which was once The West of England Eye Hospital, it’s obvious that they are keen to bring together traditional architectural features with the modern age. Something which my dad, a skilled carpenter and builder, would highly approve of. Sometimes projects like this can really zap all of the warmth of the building, you fear that they may paint everything white and it’ll just feel too modern in design making it unconfortable and not welcoming. Magdalen Chapter is quite the opposite.

Magdalen chapter bar area

As soon as you walk in, there’s a fireplace with newspapers ready at hand, people sitting round having pots of tea and coffee with homemade biscuits. The colours are warming, neutral tones with hints of green, purple, yellow which have been used carefully to effect the mood each room is trying to provide. There’s a Bar/Lounge and Library with extremely friendly staff, designed for a long peaceful afternoon tea treats or late night drinking.

LibraryA bigger lounge area for families and bigger groups to enjoy lunches in on big tables or sofas around a modern fireplace; a nice place to go after cooked breakfast on a Sunday to read the papers.

Afternoon tea gluten free

The Gluten Free afternoon tea was a true delight, and for anyone who suffers from gluten intolerance- to be offered a gluten free selection of treats including scones and sandwiches is a rarity in most places.

Gluten free afternoon teaThe sweet selection included a pistachio and chocolate macaron, lemon shortbread biscuit, Millionaires shortbread slice and a Date and raisin bar; all perfectly executed- but in particular the caramel in the millionaires slice was completely to die for. The gluten free scones were homemade and warm when they arrived, served with strawberry jam and a huge dollop of clotted cream (none of this small pot malarky); i expect my ratio of scone to cream to be 20/80. Truly a treat. The finger sandwiches on offer were Smoked salmon; cucumber, cream cheese and chives; poached ham and mustard and we were in a particularly meaty mood and chose the latter, although you can have a selection of all if you wish. The gluten free bread was a delight to see and the ham was praised ever so much by Rob and seeing as he’s not a massive ham fan usually it was a revelation.

Bedroom Magdalen chapter

Our Feature bedroom was phenomenal, and where much of the modern technology comes into play with the use of an iPad in house system- it allows you to book a taxi, search nearby restaurants and activities they’ve recommended, book tables, order room service, tour the hotel at a touch of the screen. Makes you think why none of the top end London hotels i’ve stayed in have ventured into this technology yet!


Our Bedroom, with it’s almost panoramic window lay out, overlooked Exeter and made for some stunning views day and night, seeing the nearby churches all lit up was a particular highlight for me. Bathroom magdalen chapterWe got ready in the spectacular bathroom, with built in speakers so you could play music or listen to the TV, and headed down to dinner.

Magdalen Chapter restaurant

The restaurant truly is wonderful at night, the drop lights from the ceiling gave the illusion that the space was a complete circle as they reflected in the window glass. The seats were very comfy and the wine list was on an iPad -of which you could navigate by region/glass/taste, what more could you need? Of course the food was top notch and i had no doubts about it. Chicory saladAfter i was served some gluten free bread and butter (without prompting them) i chose a starter of Chicory, pear and Devon blue cheese with walnuts and honey. Light and wholesome, sweet and sharp with the cheese, it was a delight to eat and something i would love to replicate at home. Duck Breast with orange, pomegrate and roast carrotsMy main of Free range duck breast with roast carrot, oranges and pomegranate also didn’t disappoint. The duck was superbly cooked, the roast carrots and pomegranate was an unusual combination at first but worked superbly. There really is nothing i could fault with the execution.

I was really in gluten free food heaven at Magdalen. Particularly nice to not have to worry about what you are eating and sometimes it’s just from that little bit of extra service and attention to detail when you arrive or seated at the restaurant table.

Magdalen Chapter inside pool

After dinner we had a wander around the rest of the hotel, including it’s spa and pool facilities, which immediately made us wish we could stay for another night. The fire heated outside/indoor pool is spectacular and extremely romantic with all the different lights that change colour gradually. I did beg rob to book another day off work but alas it wasn’t meant to be.

Lounge area

Magdalen Chapter really exceeded my expectations, i was truly surprised by the attention to detail in the service and food, which always gives you another reason to return again and recommend others. Nothing was too much trouble, not even an allergy. The way it should be.

This stay was received free of charge but did in no way impact this review and my personal opinions.

Gluten Free Hot Spot- La Panameña, Bristol

Simply described as “Latin America meets Italy. Panamá meets Mediterraneo. Bringing real Latin American food to Bristol” , La Panemeña aims to bring some authentic fever to the Bristol food circuit.

I was so glad i could come to their first Bristol pop up event. All Gluten Free apart from one dessert option, i was truly in allergen heaven.

La Panemena, event, bristol

On booking the event Carla from Can Be Bribed With Food (La Panameña’s creator), put my mind at ease by telling me that everything but one thing was to be Gluten Free. I did a tiny dance in my seat. I love trying different foods, and the words ‘Homemade’ and ‘Comfort Food’ make me sink at the knees.

The first event, entitled Dia de la Bandera (Day of the Flag) invited us for a mere £20 per person for a 3 course meal and bring your own. “Come join us celebrate Panamá’s independence from Colombia at 40 Alfred Place for a Sunday lunch filled with Latin American warmth! One sitting, communal tables, lots of food, colour and music.” I decided to bring along my camera and take some photos. I knew this was going to be fun.

La Panemena, event, bristol

That’s exactly what it was, a food celebration. Unlike going to a restaurant, this felt like an occasion; i love things like this and it gets me excited even when writing about them. The atmosphere on the Sunday was fantastic, everyone wanted to be there to celebrate tasting this new food, it was warm, cosy and vibrant. Just what i wanted on a freezing cold November day.

La Panemena, event, bristol, gluten free, sarah kreczmer, photography

Food was plentiful and communal. Handing round bowls and having conversations mostly about how to get the recipe off the chef, is exactly what you want from an event like this. No one should be discussing anything else but the food.

La Panemena, event, bristol, gluten free

Highlights for me were an amazing Tazita de Guacho (rice, beans and pork soup). Wholesome, peppery and packed full of flavour, i could have eaten a whole bowl.

La Panemena, event, bristol, gluten free, food, photography, sarah, kreczmer

Ceviche de Pescado Blanco and Patacones (fried green plantain), which made my husband want to go home and re-create this straight away; we already started planning on how we can work it into our weekly food list. Beautiful Sea Bream mixed with coriander and sweet fresh tomato, cured in a tangy, sharp marinade; fragrant, fresh and addictive, contrasted excellently with chopped cashew nuts to add another element of texture.

La Panemena, event, bristol, gluten free

My favourite dish however, was the Homemade Beef Tasajo in Tomato and Coconut Sauce with Arroz con Guandu (Rice and Peas from the Caribbean side). So tender and rich, with a bit of sweetness. Our table did a conclusive ‘oh my god this is good’ in our heads. We didn’t have time to say anything because eating this was more important.

La Panemena, event, bristol, gluten free

What i love about all of this food is that is doesn’t scare you to try to recreate it at home. It so packed full of comfort and love that it’s almost enticing you to make it your own and try some more. It also proves that using naturally gluten free ingredients can make some of the best food you have ever tasted.

La Panameña have set them up for a long subscription of event attendance from me, and i do hope other Bristolians or any out of towners venture to attend to one of the events (*whispers* i hear the next one is in January). You can start by liking the Facebook page.

Time to visit an Ice Cream Farm

marshfield, gluten, free, ice, cream, farm, tasting, parlour, cows, milk, process, flavours, trip, bath, u.k, somerset, farm, dog, cat, ice cream,

Lets face it. I was pretty damn excited about this trip.

The morning came and i swear i felt like a child on Christmas morning.  Unbearable excitement basically. (but to be honest i still feel excited on Christmas morning and i’m 24 almost.)

Marshfield Farm Ice Cream is situated in Marshfield: Interesting fact number one! It’s about a twenty minute car journey from the center of Bath. As we went in a group, we got a taxi from Bath Spa Station there together, although if you do have a car i would highly recommend it as the fare was a bit much!

marshfield, gluten, free, ice, cream, farm, tasting, parlour, cows, milk, process, flavours, trip, bath, u.k, somerset, farm, dog, cat, ice cream,

The kind owners Will and Dawn Hawkings (who’s fantasy ice cream flavours are Toad in the hole and Prosecco) kindly invited us to try out their ice cream (all 25 flavours) at their new ice cream parlour and get a deeper insight into the production process! A true farm lifestyle, a dog, a cat, cows and lots of mucking about going on- gotta love the wellies!

marshfield, gluten, free, ice, cream, farm, tasting, parlour, cows, milk, process, flavours, trip, bath, u.k, somerset, farm, dog, cat, ice cream,

Marshfield offer 17 gluten free flavours, which is pretty good going! As there is such a great variety to choose from, it really doesn’t matter that you can’t have the chocolate fudge brownie flavour. Honestly.

marshfield, gluten, free, ice, cream, farm, tasting, parlour, cows, milk, process, flavours, trip, bath, u.k, somerset, farm, dog, cat, ice cream,

Will Hawking started his ice cream journey 21 years ago with a very small ice cream machine than what he’s used to now on the farm, although they still use a small one for testing with various toppings and ripples. They really don’t have to worry about what’s for dessert that night.

marshfield, gluten, free, ice, cream, farm, tasting, parlour, cows, milk, process, flavours, trip, bath, u.k, somerset, farm, dog, cat, ice cream,

The testing process however, is crucial. A whole lot of trial and error goes into making sure your ice cream will taste palatable, have a smooth consistency, good shelf life , and a fantastic aesthetic. From the way Dawn talked us through the entire start to finish process, it shows that they take a lot of care and pride in what they create at Marshfield. With no Addictives, no Artificial Colours, and the challenge of working around allergen options, it’s obvious that they make this ice cream with all the love in the world, ensuring everyone gets a scoop!

marshfield, gluten, free, ice, cream, farm, tasting, parlour, cows, milk, process, flavours, trip, bath, u.k, somerset, farm, dog, cat, ice cream,

marshfield, gluten, free, ice, cream, farm, tasting, parlour, cows, milk, process, flavours, trip, bath, u.k, somerset, farm, dog, cat, ice cream,

Interesting fact number two is that pavlova may be gluten free on making, but it isn’t in the ice cream process. I was mythed by why the Raspberry Ripple Pavlova had gluten in, but Dawn explained that in order to get the pavlova ‘crunchy + chewy’ consistency, they had to put a special coating on top to help it keep it’s shape during the freezing process, otherwise it would just dissolve!

marshfield, gluten, free, ice, cream, farm, tasting, parlour, cows, milk, process, flavours, trip, bath, u.k, somerset, farm, dog, cat, ice cream,

Interesting facts number three, four and five, is that in order to naturally flavour their stunning Succulent Strawberry, Mint Choc Chip and Caramel fudge in clotted cream they use Beetroot Juice, Chlorophyll and Turmeric!

Their new ice cream parlour is open only during the summer months, and i only wished i visited sooner in order to give you enough time to visit, but if you are available and in the Bath area, do take a trip down as they close at the end of September.

marshfield, gluten, free, ice, cream, farm, tasting, parlour, cows, milk, process, flavours, trip, bath, u.k, somerset, farm, dog, cat, ice cream,

marshfield, gluten, free, ice, cream, farm, tasting, parlour, cows, milk, process, flavours, trip, bath, u.k, somerset, farm, dog, cat, ice cream,

It is in the early stages, but by next year we hope to try lots more of their delicious sundaes they’ve put together! Plus there’s always an excuse to see cows in abundance. Isn’t there? ;)

marshfield, gluten, free, ice, cream, farm, tasting, parlour, cows, milk, process, flavours, trip, bath, u.k, somerset, farm, dog, cat, ice cream,

marshfield, gluten, free, ice, cream, farm, tasting, parlour, cows, milk, process, flavours, trip, bath, u.k, somerset, farm, dog, cat, ice cream,

Sarah’s Top Five Gluten Free Marshfield Flavours:

1- Blackcurrants in Clotted Cream

2- Honey and Stem Ginger

3- Carribean Coconut

4- Caramel Fudge in Clotted Cream

5- White Chocolate with Honeycomb Crunch

See what my lovely blogger friend Abby chose as her top five flavours are in her blog post here.

Foodie outings: Harveys Cellars Review

I’ve been going on a lot of foodie outings recently and it just feels wrong to neglect any mention of them on my blog. Eating out is something we all love to do, but sometimes you don’t get to hear much from an allergen perspective in the newspapers, so i think it’s nice to read Gluten free/ allergy sufferers opinions on their blogs as our dining experience can be much more different to others.

My first outing would be to meet some of Bristol’s finest foodie bloggers (i’ll do a post about them soon ;). ‘Harvey Cellars’ in Bristol City Center is a wonderful little place when you arrive, it’s like an Aladdin’s cave for funky decor. Some people hate the sound of blue LED lighting and fairy lights but let me tell you, i was in love with these touches in the Music room space. It made me want to boogie with maracas. It just has a good vibe, not pretentious in any way but lovely and inviting. With mingling, snacking and drinking to do, it was the ideal venue for this evening’s antics.

Tapas the Gluten free saviour.

Harveys has had a complete menu revamp, so we were able to taste from their new Tapas menu. I’m a huge Tapas fan. Sometimes a tapas place can really save the gluten intolerant food spot search. So our evening started with our amazing waiter/barman/sherry expert extraordinaire Dutch who took us through the menu, another blogger was also gluten intolerant and he was happy to take us through the menu and offer any recommendations and even though the menu states ‘Gluten Free’ next to each item, it was nice to have it confirmed in person as well.

I ordered the Chorizo with Honey and Saffron, Chicken Pinchitos with Aioli and the Asparagus dressed with Olive Oil and Parmesan. The low lighting was difficult to produce any enticing photographs but it was all very yummy to look at.

The Chorizo had this really lovely blend of sweet fragrant flavours enhanced from the saffron and it was a delight to eat- i could have finished that sauce with lots of bread till there was not a drip left. So my only criticism really, was the lack of Gluten Free bread! This would have really put it up there for me as one of the best gluten free aware places in Bristol. I did speak to Dutch about the possibility of getting Gluten free bread in and it definitely seems like this is something in their minds so i hope they do!

The Chicken Pinchitos with Aioli i found a bit small- but maybe it’s because they were so yummy and i’m greedy; they are definitely worth a taste anyway for the tenderness. The Asparagus was a fresh way to end the meal for me, i like to put a vegetable somewhere in my meal to break it up (and feel less guilty) although i felt their wasn’t enough Parmesan for me to really taste with every part of the stalks which was a bit of a shame.

Dutch also kindly took us through a very informative sherry tasting throughout the night. I would recite back to you some facts but i’m afraid i think the sherry kicked in a bit too early to remember ;) He also likes to set things on fire:

But seriously this guy knows his stuff and he really is a great host- i mean he offers free hugs! Seriously. So if you’re looking for a place to go with a big group or to celebrate i couldn’t recommend more highly Dutch and his sherry tastings.

It’s these kinds of nights that you remember because of the laughter, the food and the company. Harveys has really found itself with the Tapas menu and providing the ultimate type of atmosphere to accompany it. Bring your gluten intolerant and alcoholic friends pronto.

Gluten Free Hot Spot: Society Cafe

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