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Here will be a list and links from my Gluten Free Bristol mission of restaurants, cafes and businesses who have signed up to take part! This will be updated regularly. These are companies who have agreed to support gluten free offerings in their restaurant/cafes and businesses. Please do ask them any questions when ordering or purchasing food for peace of mind, i would personally recommend phoning in advance and having a quick chat when you book a table or in store. You can now click for google locations so it’s easier for you to plan your trip! 

Gluten Free Bristol Cafes

Arch House Deli (Deli and also a lovely cafe) Clifton Village

Caffe Clifton Clifton

Cafe Rhubarb – Horfield (Gluten Free cakes and breakfasts)

Cox and Baloney ( Cute vintage store Contact in Advance for Gluten Free Afternoon Tea) Cotham

The Farm (Good for tea and cake- usually one gluten free offering) Clifton Village 

Primrose Cafe (Great for gluten free breakfasts- currently serving gluten free bagels with most options- Get there early on a weekend for guaranteed seats!) Clifton Village

Mrs Browns Cafe Victoria Park

The Duchess of Totterdown Totterdown

Windmill Hill City Farm Bedminister (Very Coeliac friendly and aware- Breakfast, lunch)

Venue 365- Westbury on Trym (Run by Coeliacs!, Their Gluten Free menu is here)

Gluten Free Bristol Local Businesses

Better Food Company (Excellent deli /shop supplying lots of gf products) Whiteladies Rd St Werburghs

Bristol Farm Shop Online

Bristol Bakehouse Online (Entirely gluten free bakehouse, supplying birthday cakes and all sorts! Dairy free, egg free and Vegan also available.)

Everything Bagels (Gluten Free bagels!) Whiteladies Rd Market 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. Other markets- Tobacco but check their twitter for details!

Love Bristol Bakery sell, on fridays and saturdays, gluten free brownies and banana cake for £1. Stokes Croft (123 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RZ)

Papadeli (Cakes and Salads) Alma Rd off of Whiteladies RoadRWA gallery cafe, Queen’s Rd.

180 Degrees C  (Cake Company!) Online

Treasure Island Sweets (GF, Dairy Free sweets& chocs, GF + DF Ice Cream & Sorbets) St Nich’s- City Center

Gluten Free Bristol Restaurants

Al Bacio – (Wonderful affordable Italian restaurant offering gluten free pasta and mains) Queens road, Clifton 

Atomic Burger (Retro themed gluten free burgers with buns!) Gloucester Road, Bishopston

The Burger Joint  (Gluten free burgers with buns!) Whiteladies Road

Bills (Good for brunch options, lunch and dinner- gluten free bread avaliable) Queens Rd

Cafe Maitreya (Great vegetarian restaurant with gluten free options) Easton

Clifton Sausage (Notify day before for Gluten free sausages and gravy!) Clifton Village

Cowshed bar and grill  (Gluten Free displayed on menu clearly) Whiteladies Road 

Delmonico Gloucester Rd (Gluten Free options labelled on the menu)

Friska (Good for a quick lunch, Breakfast) Queen’s Rd, Bath Rd, Emersons Green, Victoria Street- City Center

Cafe Grounded (Gluten free pizza on request) Redfield/ Bedminster/ Horfield/ Brislington/ Corsham

Hari Krishna’s Kitchen (Indian Cuisine with some gluten free breads!) Redland

Mission Burrito  Park Street

My Burrito Broad Quay- City Center 

Townhouse Bar and Restaurant Whiteladies Rd (next to burger joint)

Toro Noodle Bar Park Street  (Gluten Free Chinese and pan asian dishes cooked on request, just ask!)

The Old Bookshop Bedminister

The Stable Harbourside City Center (Gluten Free Pizzas!)

The Square Clifton Clifton

The Thali Cafe (Gf options displayed on menu) Clifton, Easton, Montpelier, Southville, Totterdown

Clifton Cocina (Las Iguanas- Whiteladies Road)

Kensington Arms (Lovely Gastro Pub, will make options gluten free on request) Redland

Lovely Tart (Good for Breakfast, cakes, full gf afternoon tea, lunch and dinner) Gloucester Road Bishopston

The Muset (Fine Dining, will do best to cater to all allergies – phone beforehand) Clifton 

Nomu ( Japanese Restaurant. Full gluten free menu- just ask!) Whiteladies Road

Racks Bar & Kitchen Clifton

River Grille  Harbourside -City Center

Poco (Fantastic Ethical restaurant: Also good for brunch, lunch as well as dinner) Stokes Croft

Pony and TrapChew Magna (Gluten Free Menu on request)

Planet Pizza Gloucester Road Bishopston, Cotham

Plantation Caribbean Restaurant Cotham (Gluten Free Menu)

Pizza Express (Gluten Free Pizzas) Harbourside, Clifton

Prosecco (own Gluten Free Menu) Clifton Village

Wilks Restaurant (Fine Dining- let them know in advance) Redland

A Bit Further Out…

Ethicurean For a special treat, The Ethicurean is a beautiful place with beautiful food. Phone in advance.

The Plough at Wrington Very well labelled menu.

The Pig Hotel nr Bath (Hunstrete House) Beyond amazing Gluten Free Service-  for anyone wanting a trip out into some country. Phone and let them know in advance.

The Swan at Wedmore

37 thoughts on “Gluten Free Bristol

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  2. This is a brilliant list! Thank you, we’ll be watching this with interest as we regularly visit Bristol. We’re looking for somewhere nice for our anniversary so will try one of the above.

  3. Great list. Thanks, I’ll be keeping an eye on this list and I’ll be trying prosecco! I’ve also found that Bauhinia in Clifton has a lovely gluten free menu and thali cafe is great too.

  4. This is fantastic – thank you so much! We’ve a ten yr old who’s addicted to baking and has just been diagnosed as coeliac. I’m so glad I’ve discovered your site. And we can eat out safely, too! I’ll definitely be back…:)

  5. Really handy list, thanks! Wild Oats just behind the Tesco express on Whiteladies Road also has a wide selection of GF products.

    • Mayflower in Bristol are very good at accommodate to gluten free, the communication from the kitchen is fantastic (chef came out to speak to me) and they use tamari sauce wherever possible. Phone in advance and notify them of your allergy.

  6. *sighs a huge sigh of relief* My dad’s been bugging me to go out for a meal with him recently, and the thought of being stuck in the corner feeling sorry for myself with some salad and a bit of chicken… well, it doesn’t appeal to me!
    A few months ago I googled the same thing, with a ridiculously s**t result. You are an absolute angel!
    A decent night out with family is on the cards I think! :) xx

    • Hi Amy,

      Thank you so much for your comment, i am so glad that this blog has helped you find somewhere to go out to eat- all of these places deal with gluten free very seriously and for peace of mind it’s always best to have a chat with them before you eat anyway :)
      I’ll be adding a couple more places to the list very soon, it is ever expanding so always check back in the future!
      Have a lovely meal, Sarah x

  7. Thank you so much. my daughter is 5, diagnosed at 3 and VERY sensitive. We tried eating out, but despite extensive questioning and assurances, she was wildly ill and clearly glutened. Am keen to try again but was looking for recommendations by those ‘that know’. Thanks for this… any in particular you would recommend… she had asked for pizza. Huge thanks again. X

    • Hi Mary,
      thanks for commenting! Hope you find this list useful :)
      Places that i would recommend most are Windmill City Farm- the chef there has just changed and they are very supportive of coeliac disease and really know the inns and outs, wonderful flatbreads and tasty lunches there! For Pizza- have you tried Pizza Express? I know it’s a chain but they have been through strict testing with coeliac uk to ensure they get approval of their gluten free base. For an independent pizza place try Pizza Provencale in Clifton Village- they have been offering gluten free pizzas for many years now and even tie up with Bristol Zoo so you can get special discounts on kids pizzas. If your daughter is at all adventurous and likes a bit of spice – thali cafe has a wonderful gluten free menu and a kids menu, most ingredients in the kitchen are naturally gluten free which is a huge positive. I hope this helps and do let me know if you have any other questions,
      All the best

  8. Thank you. May well try pizza express and windmill city farm another time (as it’s not so close to where we will be in the city this time). appreciate your time, and yes, she is begining to like spice – she has to really, indian food is by far the best for naturally gluten free stuff (minus all the bread of course!)

  9. We have just returned from Thali Cafe at Southville. We had a great evening,delicious gluten free food, lovely atmosphere and excellent service. It was so refreshing and felt so normal to look at a menu with confidence, knowing which food was gluten free and then to discover that it all tasted so good! Please open a Thali Cafe in West Kent!

  10. Hi, my husband is coeliac. Last week (Dec 2013) we visited the newly opened Cafe Rhubarb on Gloucester Rd, Bristol. He really enjoyed the totally gluten free full English breakfast -including toast. The owner was very knowledgable about gluten intolerances and nice and friendly. They also sold lots of gluten free meals and sandwiches, all the cakes are gluten free as well. It’s nearer the top of Gloucester Rd opposite Grounded Cafe. It’s really worth a visit.

  11. I’ve just rung the pony and trap for a meal reservation, I asked about Gluten Free and they said they could provide a fluten free menu.

  12. Hi

    Great to have this info collected. Just gone GF and learned about no cross contamination – are the places here signed up to that too.

    I was in IKEA for a baked potato lunch and the server went and fetched a clean cutting board and knife when I told her I was gluten free- very helpful.

    • Hi Linda,

      All the places on this list are highly aware of how to avoid cross contamination, i haven’t personally had any issues after eating in these restaurants and on speaking to the chef’s and staff they are very clued up. I would always check anyway before you order and ask to specifically notify the chef before you arrive. Well done IKEA! that is always good to know:)

      WB X

    • Unfortunately everytime i have tried the Lounges menu, – in particular The Lounge bar on North Street i have always had inconsistent gluten free offerings- hashbrowns on one breakfast order and not on the next. I have felt ill twice from dining there but i hope you’ve had good experiences at the other branches.

      • Oh, that’s no good, I’ve only tried the one on the Well’s road so far.

        I’ve found Grounded to be quite good, they’ll do gluten free pizzas on request. The one in Lawrence hill is much better than the one on Sandy Park road tho’.

  13. Hi,

    Love the list. With a wife who is GF and a son who is dairy, soya, egg, honey and GF eating anywhere is a mission but these help to narrow options down. Nandos each time can be a bit repititive? Just a word on The Burger Joint, it looks amazing there but they mention on their site that there is a risk gluten will be found on the chips as they fry them in the same oil as their veggie burgers (which aren’t GF). Haven’t spoken to them yet though but it’s good that they mention it so that people don’t get issues.

    Out of interest do you know where you get the Genius Puff Pastry, the supermarkets no longer sell it (sad smilee)?

    Thanks for the list again, this is a great help.


  14. the sportsman does 2 for 1 gluten free pizzas eat in or takeaway mondAY- friday £10. other days £12.99 must say they are amazing and huge.

  15. looking the take the other half out for valnetines day,well the 13th evening but shes celiac (if thats how you spell it) so need to find somewhere truly gluten free for a nice date out? any suggestions? thanks in advance :)

  16. I went to The Duchess of Totterdown for valentines day (I told them I was allergic to gluten and dairy when I booked) and the food and service was amazing, I definitely recommend it. I had the most amazing brownie and was given another one to take away :) I was asked to give notice of my dietry requirements when booking so they could prepare food for me.

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