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Sarah Kreczmer, Wuthering Bites, @wbites

Welcome to my Gluten Free Recipe Blog Wuthering Bites!

 My name is Sarah Carter (Kreczmer). I’m a gluten free cooking fanatic and foodie from Bristol in the U.K.

 I suppose i should justify my reason for naming my blog ‘Wuthering Bites’.

 Apart from my strong love for Kate Bush (Wuthering Heights) and Bronte, i suppose it did just really have a nice ring to it. I don’t want to make up excuses for a silly name, but when thinking about it more deeply- i suppose if a place can be characterised by a sound, food can certainly be. From the whizzing, rushing and blustering sounds of the kitchen to the complete, almost silence of the dinner table- when you know all that ‘to and fro’ was worth it.

 I’m a deep thinker. I like to explore the unknown in little steps, because i’m far too scared to scuba dive or bungee jump. Yet. What’s important is being comfortable and enjoying what you know works, but having a bit of fun innovation all the same.

 Gluten free cooking is not hard and can be quite enjoyable. This blog aims to tell my story, give you some recipes, some attempt at humour and tips on how to stay sane; whether you’re a Coeliac, Gluten Intolarant or an IBS sufferer.

 I also have two cats called Ash @ashwbites and Miko, i’m afraid whenever i set up a photoshoot for this food blog, they’re there like a shot. Wannabe superstars.

 I do hope you enjoy. If you have any questions, i’m on Twitter to help @wbites and i always follow back if you’re lovely.

My facebook.com/wutheringbites has lots of tips and treats too!

Wuthering Bites has now been featured in the following online and print publications:

Crumbs Magazine: Blog Crush

Food Magazine: Gluten Free Finds Blogs

Flavour Magazine: Issue 58 printed or online here

Guardian: 10 Gluten Free Baking Blogs You Need to Know About.

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©2014-2015 Wuthering Bites. All Rights Reserved.

All content, writing, recipes, photographs are copyrighted to me Sarah Carter (Kreczmer). Please do not republish my material in part or whole without my permission and credit. Please contact me if you wish to discuss use of any of these.

12 thoughts on “About Wuthering Bites

  1. Just realised that you’re from Bristol – I just graduated from Bristol University and spent the last 3 years living there! It’s such a lovely city :D. I can’t wait to return next year for my masters. It’s always good to find people that live in areas that you know – most here are from America as I’m sure you know.

  2. hello! i followed the Honeybuns link to your blog! I studied languages at Bristol Uni and now live in Germany. I started having problems with wheat during uni and decided to go on a gluten free diet. I love your blog and will follow it more regularly now I’ve had a look around ;-) I also have a blog about gluten free food but am really just starting out and still have a lot to learn and a lot of cooking in the kitchen to do lol! I love Bristol, its such a great city, have lots of fabulous memories. My friend Jess opened her cupcake shop in Bristol recently. She’s now delving into gluten free cupcakes so maybe worth stopping by and seeing some of her goodies?!

    • hello!
      Thank you so much for commenting such a lovely message. Bristol really is a great city.
      I’ve been tweeting Jess i believe- and she’s on my ‘Gluten Free Bristol’ page already! :) Look forward to eating some of her cupcakes very soon!
      Thanks again!

  3. Hello Sarah,

    I like the Concept of “Gluten Free” and I wish you best

    Hope u having good time…. let me know if u need any help for Indian Recipies.

    Best of Luck!!!

    MO ( Sutton) :)

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  5. Hi Sarah, we’d love to discuss working with you regarding our super healthy, gluten free meals. Could we get an email to contact you on? Thanks. Mindful Chef

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