Gluten Free Disney: Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Disney's Yacht Club, Gluten freeI love Disney. My husband and i are 26, without kids and after our trip to Orlando last year to Universal and Disney we both fell in love with this particular ‘theme park’ holiday. We’re both kids at heart and love good rides, entertainment and appreciate the level of enthusiasm cast members have to make your visit special. I personally love Disney because i can pretty much eat anywhere and not have to worry about whether something is gluten free or not. Now that i’ve done my research i can now happily whizz around the parks and resorts enjoying myself without suffering from a ‘glutening’ (then missing a day of holiday due to pain) and just, relax and have fun. I rarely relax, i’m a stress/worry pot so although some people may see a Disney holiday as a stressful one, i feel quite the opposite.

Disney's Yacht Club, Gluten free

If you’re against beating the queues, following touring plans and guides when you’re at Disney, then i suggest you find a great resort to set up camp! Our resort- Disney’s Yacht Club (connected also to Beach Club) offers arguably the best pool on Disney property- Stormalong Bay – featuring a lengthy waterslide, lazy river, activities and a wonderful and unusual sand floor to make you feel like you’re in the sea! There’s a running trail, adult pool, arcade, tennis courts, boat hire and it’s a five minute walk to Epcot…  i could go on for days. Despite the abundance of amenities we didn’t feel it was too crowded and if you’re looking for a more adult, quiet base, then this or the recently renovated Polynesian resort were our favourites for this.

Disney's Yacht Club, Gluten free

But let’s get on to the gluten free disney food!

Room Service

It’s tradition for us on a long haul holiday to order room service on our arrival, we’re normally knackered by the time we get there! We picked up the phone and simply requested to hear the gluten free options, i ordered a Cheeseburger and Fries with an ice cream sundae – the staff were so helpful on the phone and on arrival of the food it was noted to us what items were gluten free.

Very Good.

Yachtsman Steakhouse

Gluten Free, Yachtsman Steakhouse

We booked a last minute table here and i was worried that the gluten free note (you can make a dietary note on any reservation on the My Disney Experience App), hadn’t been transferred to the wait staff. I needn’t have worried.

Gluten Free, Yachtsman SteakhouseThe allergy menu was clear and the waiter offered to bring the chef out to discuss my needs in more detail. The service was a bit slow due to a fully booked restaurant but the food did justify the wait. Perfectly cooked Steak, one of the best meals we had but at an expense…

Excellent (Although costly!)

See the allergy menu here.

Captains Grille

Captains Grille was our breakfast destination. Most days we visited the parks bright and early and i brought along some gluten free biscuits to have with coffee. On the days with the worst jet lag though, we woke up early and headed here. Captains Grille offers a quick buffet option as well as a la carte, and the chef is happy to take you around the buffet to show you which things are gluten free.

Gluten Free Disney, Captain's Grille

I decided on this occasion to opt out of the tour, as in a sleepy state i was worried i’d forget which items were gluten free! So whilst my husband opted for the buffet, i ordered gluten free blueberry pancakes. Other options are gluten free waffles, omelettes, gluten free toast – pretty much anything can be made on request. Although my order did take a while to arrive and the pancakes were quite hard and stodgy, i was thankful to have that option.

If you’re in a rush to the parks i would suggest bringing something with you for a quick breakfast. I recommend a small snack with coffee in the parks then going to an early lunch to beat the crowds, it worked every time!

Good (for a lazy morning)

See the allergy menu here.

Hurricane Hanna’s

Hurricane Hanna’s is the Stormalong Bay pool bar, this is shared with the partner resort Beach Club and it offers a very good gluten free lunch offering.

Gluten Free, Disney, Hurricane Hanna's

The Allergy Chicken Tenders can be found all over the Disney parks but it was great to see them on offer here too; i’ve only had chicken nuggets 6 times in my gluten free life and only at Disney! They are plentiful, tasty and affordable -one meal fed us both. Other gluten free offerings include cheeseburgers, salads, chicken sandwiches and cocktails of course!

Excellent (Gluten Free Quick Service heaven!)

Beaches and Cream

The best ice cream sundae i’ve ever had was at Beaches and Cream. This colourful restaurant/diner is technically at Disney’s Beach Club resort but as it was a 5 min walk (It’s located at the Stormalong bay pool) i felt compelled to place it in this gluten free round up as a positive for staying at the Yacht Club.

Stormalong bay, gluten free disney

The waitress was helpful and immediately noticed the dietary note attached to the reservation, she kindly asked how severe my intolerance was and guided me through the menu. I could have most things easily replaced with gluten free bun or bread. I really wish all restaurants would pick up on this in the UK.

Gluten free, Disney, Beaches and Cream

Rob and i ordered the Chicken Sandwich: Grilled Herb Chicken Breast topped with Brie Cheese, Cucumber, and Frisée tossed with Raspberry Vinaigrette with fries to share as we had our eyes set on dessert, it really was tasty.

Gluten Free, Disney, Chicken Sandwich, Beaches and Cream

When ordering a sundae here it’s best to speak to a staff member on what they could make you off-menu, some of the statement sundaes like No Way Jose (Peanut Butter sauce, Hot Fudge, Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Morsels, Whipped Cream, and a Cherry) are not on the gluten free menu but they can be adapted to be made gluten free.

Gluten free, Sundae, Beaches and Cream

Excellent (Ambience, entertainment and ice cream madness!)

View the Beaches and Cream allergy menu here

A special mention here goes to Sarah at the Gluten free and Dairy Free WDW blog, her links were invaluable to be before this holiday- check it out!

I’ll be writing up more for my gluten free disney series soon so please subscribe to the blog or follow on Twitter to stay tuned.

Lemon Verbena, Peach & Lime Gin Cocktail with Rock Rose Gin

Hello everybody my name is Sarah and I’m a ‘Ginaholic’. Unlike an alcoholic however I’m more likely to stare and sniff at my pretty bottles of gin on the shelf than drink the stuff constantly. Gin is definitely my drink of choice. It took me a while with my IBS to figure out what spirit my body would be okay with, for years I would drink ciders, rums and have all kinds of problems. So I’m thankful for my body settling for lovely gin…
lemon verbena, lime, cocktail, gin, rock rose gin, recipe
Usually my go-to gin is Bristol based Psychopomp- gotta support the local!, but this week I was sent some lovely homemade Rose Rock Gin all the way from Scotland.

Rock Rose Gin gets its wonderful flavour from a carefully selected and put together creation of local and traditional botanicals, Juniper berries, locally harvested Rhodiola rosea off the cliffs, sea buckthorn and Rowan berries. All these combine to make a really fresh and zesty smooth gin- read more about the story behind their gin on the website here!

lemon verbena, lime, cocktail, gin, rock rose gin, recipe
Our garden is flourishing with Lemon Verbena at the moment – it’s one of the easiest things we grow in the garden. I hardly tend to it and it just pops up in spring- summer with its gorgeous perfume everytime I’m rushing past it. Miko tends to smell like it after he lays directly behind it in his sheltered cat spot in the garden all day. I much prefer that smell over tuna.
lemon verbena, lime, cocktail, gin, rock rose gin, recipe
Rock Rose Gin has wonderful berry notes and is great for a stand alone G+T but I wanted to get creative, I’m no cocktail expert but I love mixing things up, as you know.
lemon verbena, lime, cocktail, gin, rock rose gin, recipe
I wanted to make a mixer syrup that I could keep in the fridge to be used whenever I fancied (Friday nights, weekend BBQs, dinner parties) but I feel this Lemon Verbena, peach and lime gin cocktail ..would be truly amazing as a wedding reception drink.
lemon verbena, lime, cocktail, gin, rock rose gin, recipe

Lemon Verbena, Peach & Lime Gin Cocktail

I got my Agave peach nectar from M&S but i am sure this can be sourced in a variety of specialist delis and online. The peach is lovely in this, but the cocktail is also just as delicious without it. 


2 tbps of Lemon Verbena and Lime Simple Syrup (See recipe below)

50ml of White Peach Nectar

Double measure of Rose Rose Gin (50ml)

Tonic water or soda to top.

Sprig of Lemon Verbena to garnish and mix

Put ice into a glass of your choosing and pour over the gin, lemon verbena and lime simple syrup and white peach nectar. Give this an initial mix together before topping with tonic water or soda. Garnish and mix further with a long sprig of lemon verbena.

For the Lemon Verbena and Lime Simple Syrup:

200ml water

200g caster sugar

Juice of two limes (sieved)

Two long springs of Lemon Verbena

Put sugar in a small saucepan with the water and lime. Stir to dissolve over low heat on a simmer. Let it simmer for just a couple minutes. Stir in the lemon verbena and take off the heat. Let steep for fifteen minutes, then put the mixture through a sieve, into a jar or bowl and put aside to cool completely.

I’ll be hosting a giveaway for a chance to win one bottle of Rock Rose Gin on Wednesday 5th August – 14th August on my Twitter page just RT the competition Tweet and follow @wbites for a chance to win!

Got any gin cocktail recipes to share? Post them in the comments below, i’d love to see them!


Gluten Free Naturally Free Shop Review

A few weeks back, Naturally Free kindly approached me and asked if i’d like to try out their new online gluten free shop. As i do normally like seeing the items physically in a supermarket i thought i would give it a try as i’d seen a few items i find really hard to get in my normal shop and there were a few that i’d never actually heard of before!

naturally free, gluten free, shop, online, free from,

Naturally Free state that they ‘are committed to supplying your free-from needs. We understand how important it is for our customers to receive the utmost care and dedication when it comes to shopping for their personal lifestyle choices and allergies.’ Providing for multiple allergies and food lifestyles, with an easy search is key.

Naturally Free, online shop, free from, gluten free, food, order

The website is very easy to use – after you’ve set up your account, you can look through by allergy or/and by brand or category. I thought i would get a mixture of pantry staples and treats to see if they could cater to my regular every day shop.


I was thankful to find the wonderful Bionita gluten free gnocchi, some organic Suma chopped tomatoes and the Doves Farm gluten free baking powder will come in handy for keen bakers!

Naturally Free, online shop, free from, gluten free, food, order

Of course i had to get a few treats, these sauces in particular have been so great for last minute meals and have mostly cured any last minute thoughts to order a takeaway. Supporting these independent businesses is also another reason why i feel ordering via a website like this is great- some of these companies can’t get into major supermarkets.


Naturally free are a new business to the gluten free online shop scene and with some of these kinds of shops it’s hard to fit in where they could become part of your routine, without fresh meat and veg on offer as well to do a complete shop however, i was very impressed with the tracking of the order and speed of delivery and customer service (one of my items was wrong but was quickly changed on request) that i feel if a company like this can deliver a quick turn around it’s worth it for those extra free from bits you may not find at your local.

Fancy shopping yourself on Naturally Free? Why not enter my competition on Facebook for a chance to win a £40 shopping spree- ends 30th June! 

What do you think of these kinds of Free From Online Shops? Would you use them every week – month? Let me know on Twitter @wbites #NaturallyFree or in the comments below!

The Best Gluten Free Doughnuts – Borough 22 Spotlight + Review

It had been almost 8 years.

The gluten intolerance hit and there was no stopping it and I felt (and still feel somewhat) my world briefly shatter every time I walk past a Krispy Kreme or doughnut stand knowing it’s a gluten haven.

Borough 22, gluten free, review
Today I re-lived doughnuts in an amazing gluten free – vegan – soya free – egg free format provided by London based company Borough 22. Being free from a lot of things doesn’t have to mean it can’t taste just as deliciously naughty.

Borough 22, gluten free, doughnuts, review, gluten free doughnut, vanilla doughnut

Unlike Krispy Kremes and the mass produced doughnuts, these feel truly homemade, delectable – made with love – and all that type of jazz. Still the toppings are just as exciting, eye catching as the mass produced kind that you kinda feel bad for those big companies who have clearly lost out on connecting with such a passionate free from audience. The same situation as when Mcdonalds couldn’t facilitate a gluten free burger to be in their campaign (yet still manage to do provide gluten free buns in other EU countries). Just another reason why supporting small, loveable – heartfelt businesses like Borough 22 is much more worth your time and money.

Borough 22, gluten free, doughnuts, review, gluten free doughnut, vanilla doughnut
I meet Ryan Panchoo. The creator, the baker and he’s in the Bristol Temple Meads car park, rather tired 2/3rds through the current ‘Gluten Free Doughnut Rally’ awaiting his next list of locations to deliver to. He saw the demand across the UK and went for it- and I don’t feel it’s all about that dollar for Ryan; I was impressed by the kindness in communication, willingness to rearrange/ figure out how to make my gluten free doughnut dreams come true in the lead up.

Borough 22, gluten free, doughnuts, review, gluten free doughnut, vanilla doughnut
In this case i was only able to sample the vanilla glazed flavour, as this was part of a rally they were unable to facilitate a variety of flavours per order but this gave me enough insight to know (alongside the wealth of response from their Twitter following) that the others would be just as, if not more, delicious.

Maybe I’m gushing a bit but I guess that’s what you do when you meet the doughnuts of your gluten free dreams.

Borough 22, gluten free, doughnuts, review, gluten free doughnut, vanilla doughnut

For more information including other flavours on Borough 22 hop on over to their website. If you’re in London – place an order! If you’re not – wait for the next rally or join my inevitable petition to get them opening up shop here too ;)

Thanks Ryan and team, i am eternally grateful…

Have you had a gluten free doughnut? Let me know in the comments below or come and chat over on twitter @wbites.

Sponge: Gluten Free Review.

coeliac, awareness week, 2015, gluten free, blog, uk

It’s Coeliac Awareness Week from the 11th- 17th May and with so many food businesses year upon year jumping on the opportunity with the aims to support Coeliac disease, I feel i can’t just dwell on the need to raise awareness but also celebrate how far we’ve come over the past 3 years! Gluten free convenience products are constantly getting better and chain restaurants are almost completely there; offering fantastic gluten free menus and labelling that makes anyone with coeliac disease live a much more comfortable life when eating out.

Understanding symptoms and diagnosis is still an ongoing issue and this is where we must now stress our thoughts and feelings throughout Coeliac Awareness Week- and I hope some of the big boy brands , that have jumped on the gluten free food bandwagon, will indeed help highlight the need for a stronger campaign of what the symptoms are and how to get checked. If you’d like to help spread awareness and make a real difference please, please, please go to the Coeliac UK website and follow details on how to do this and get involved.

Sponge Logo1

There is certainly a need to celebrate this year, as I’ve said before, I feel the quality of gluten free convenience products has definitely increased and what better way to celebrate that with loads of gluten free sponge cake?!
I was sent through these wonderful gluten free cakes to try from Sponge. I have to say, I was worried about them getting here in one piece (you know how gluten free cake is sometimes!) however the excellent packaging ensured pristine delivery. I needn’t have worried really, this cake wasn’t the crumbly rubbish you get in supermarkets, freshly made pieces of sugary naughtiness these were. Hands down, the best gluten free cake my whole family has tried.

Gluten Free Apple Crumble cake, Victoria Sponge, gluten free blog uk, gluten free, birthday cake
We sat round discussing our favourites and after my dad refused to try the Elizabeth (Two light, fruit Sponge with apricot, lemon oil and ground almonds topped sandwiched with an apricot jam filling and topped with demerera sugar) – adamant that Apple crumble was the only one his heart desired, we made him try a piece. He then announced that no, in fact the Elizabeth cake was the masterpiece.

Why can’t all days be like this?


With so much lovely cake it was hard to pick a favourite, I’m a fan of all, but if you’re a Victoria sponge aficionado- you won’t be disappointed. Got a big birthday coming up ? Your nan won’t notice the difference. Honest.

gluten free, sponge, cake, delivery, uk
This has truly been my favourite gluten free discovery of the year and I can see how Sponge can fill a very nice convenience gap for mums planning impromptu birthday parties and worried about allergies, office catering and boyfriends who are completely stuck as to what to get for their new girlfriend who’s a coeliac.

Gluten Free, cake, Sponge, packaging
They may not have the final finesse of an independent bakery like My go-to Ahh Toots here in Bristol, but they certainly have a great selection of cake flavours along with faultless delivery. I’ll stop gushing now!

*Get these gluten free cakes for free/ with a discount!*

Throughout Coeliac Awareness Week – 11th- 17th May, Sponge will be offering some exclusive offers on their gluten free cakes. If you fancy a chance of winning some cake for free- check out my Twitter feed on Friday the 15th May – UK entrants only!

Here’s all the details of their Coeliac Awareness Week offers:

GFCAKECARD till Sunday 17th May – 2nd slice free
GFSHARING till Sunday 17th – 20% off
GFBABY8 till Sunday 17th – £8 off a Gift Box of 8 (£9.99 instead of £17.99)


This product was given to me to review complimentary but it did in no way influence my opinion in this blog post. All written word and support is my genuine opinion.

Gluten Free British Bakels Multiseed Bread Mix Review

Bread. The enemy.

Bakels, gluten free, bread mix, review
Well, to be honest – it’s actually not too bad anymore really, my results of making gluten free bread towards the end of last year and into 2015 have significantly improved; I think the River Cottage course I attended was invaluable. If you miss baking bread, or having that fresh loaf in the house- definitely get on a course.

I’ve always had struggles with bread mixes, doughy centres, weird tastes and some simply not rising during proving time and in the oven.

British Bakels are new to the gluten free bread mix scene. They kindly sent me a pack of their new Multiseed Brown Mix to try, so i took a deep breath and remained positive as i read the packet.
Unlike other bread mixes this one required you to add yeast yourself- which I think is a positive thing. Making sure yeast is completely fresh and in date is key to getting a rise here, and I have a feeling some of the mixed in yeasts may lose their ‘umph’ after some time on the supermarket shelf.

British Bakels, Gluten Free, Multiseed

I popped the bread mix contents into my mixer with the yeast, a bit of vegetable oil and some water and timed the mixing on my phone. The latter is something which I never really do because I think I know how long a minute is in my brain, turns out I should be mixing these bread mixes for much longer. The moral of the story here is that instructions should be followed precisely guys!

I turned out the swidgy dough onto a gluten free floured surface, rolled it into a sausage shape and placed it in a bread tin- leaving to prove by the fire for about 2 -2.5 hours. There wasn’t a crazy rise but enough to notice a difference.

In the oven it went and I waited with crossed fingers, toes and eyes for around 25-30 minutes.

British Bakels, Gluten Free, Multiseed

What a success! This is certainly the best rise I’ve got from a bread mix in a long time, I even turned to the empty bread mix packet and thanked it. But did it taste good? I waited for it to cool completely before cutting a slice.

British Bakels, Gluten Free, Multiseed
Slightly sweet, with a few Pumpkin, Sunflower and Linseeds here-and-there scattered about. This bread makes a perfect strong cheddar cheese accompaniment, my family of gluten eaters were certainly impressed.

British Bakels, Gluten Free, Multiseed

A new, reliable gluten free bread mix to add to the pantry cupboard – and I couldn’t be happier that I’ve found one that I would use. If you love the process of bread making, this really is ideal.

For more information about the gluten free bread mix, suppliers and their other gluten free products hop over to the British Bakels website or connect with them on Facebook.

This was a sponsored post but did not effect my opinion in the review in anyway. 

Gluten Free Nature’s Path ‘Hot and Steamy’ Porridge Oats Review

Nature's Path, gluten free, Porridge Oats, review, gluten free, spiced apple, maple

Are you also a bit stumped for ideas for a good gluten free breakfast?

I have to say, that breakfast is the meal time where i crave for something sweet the most- i suppose it’s my comforting part of the morning, where maybe i’m just a bit down about getting ready for work and need something to get me going.

Oats and i have had a pretty tough time together in the past with my IBS, and after battling for years and years my stomach has seemed to be a lot calmer towards oats and dairy in the mornings; something which i am thankful for as growing up porridge was one of my favourite things…with golden syrup ;)

Nature's Path, gluten free, Porridge Oats, review, gluten free, spiced apple, maple

Nature’s Path offer a wide range of gluten free breakfast solutions and i was delighted when they asked if i’d like to try their ‘Hot and Steamy’ porridge oats box. With three flavours, original (no sugar), Maple (5.6g sugar per 30g sachet) and Spiced Apple (6.3g sugar per 30g sachet) i was eager to try all of them!

photo 5

The consistently of the Natures Path porridge oats in comparison to other brands in the same gluten free arena is my preferred choice, the porridge comes out very creamy as per instructions, something that i’ve found difficult to achieve overall with other brands. Perhaps this may just be me, but i like the fineness of the oats. The flavour of the spiced apple was my favourite- as the small chunks of apple and the smell of cinnamon was just so comforting on a windy Monday morning. The sweetness level of both the Maple and the Spiced Apple flavour was spot on- not too sweet and it didn’t make me reach for the sugar pot- something that i’m unfortunately prone to doing at breakfast time.

Of course Miko had to have the last taste…

miko, cat, gluten free blog, gluten free cat, blog, porridge

I’d encourage you to give these a go, especially if you’re anything like me and just can’t resist a bit of sugar in the morning and don’t want to go crazy.

The Nature’s Path Hot and Steamy Porridge oat pack retails around £2.99, which i think is very reasonable for 8 quick and easy breakfast mornings.

You can find more information on the brand and where to buy here!

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried these as i’d love to know what you think!

The Pig Hotel – near Bath. Gluten Free Restaurant Review

The Pig Hotel, Bath, gluten freeIt was a last minute decision to indulge… and after having dreamt many times over on the The Pig Hotel website, going through to the end of the booking system process only to finally realise, no- Sarah you have a house to pay for, you cannot simply book weekends away to the New Forest on a whim! I was just thrilled when they announced they were opening a hotel near Bristol. At least i can try the food on a (kind of) regular basis now.

The Pig Hotel, bath, orangery restaurant

The Pig Hotel- near Bath, is completely shabby chic in style, from the inside out. It’s a true delight to just visit this hotel site of which they converted former Hunstrete House into. Still as gorgeous as ever and keeping in all those character features. It’s luxurious but not pretentious and as soon as you walk in the staff make you feel ever so welcome but then again, if anyone offers whether i would like a gin and tonic in a gorgeous orangery, when am i really ever going to dislike that?

kitchen garden, bath , gluten free, the pig hotel

The kitchen garden is stunning and so is the produce it harvests. Meters of salad and herbs all in a row had me envious that my garden is nowhere near as big or as neatly maintained but it was certainly something to aspire to.

kitchen garden, bath , gluten free, the pig hotel

A truly inspirational garden to get lost in, that any keen vegetable gardener should definitely visit to simply admire the glory and maybe even have a chat with the gardener who was happily saying hello and moseying about.

orangery, herbs, the pig hotel

So a last minute morning decision to dine out is always a risky one for Coeliacs and the gluten intolerant, we phoned them up in advance instead of booking via the website which you can if you want to. They said they were happy to cater for me and that gluten free bread was available. I felt positive.

The Pigs Tail ,cocktail, the pig hotel, bath, gluten free

The waiter sat us to our seat and immediately he addressed us to find out which person was gluten intolerant then proceeded to firstly, offer me some gluten free bread, secondly to effortlessly quickly run through the entire menu detailing which things were not gluten free and which things could be adapted and finally if we’d like anything alcoholic to drink. I sat back in the sunshine with my ‘Pig’s Tail’ cocktail (Chase Vodka, The Pig’s fruit syrup, fresh lemon juice, cranberry, ginger syrup and cloudy apple juice) and started to wonder whether this is what heaven actually is like…

pork crackling, gluten free, the pig hotel, bath

I ordered some of their infamous pork crackling with homemade Hunstrete apple sauce to nibble on to start and Rob had the chargrilled asparagus and garden radishes with home cured pancetta and fried duck egg. Both as delicious as they sound, the crackling wasn’t chewy or hard to eat and the asparagus dish really delivered on it’s freshness.cosmic mash, the pig hotel, bath, gluten free, menu, hotel

For a main i had the cosmic mash (potato and beetroot mash) with the oven roasted rump of english lamb with braised spring cabbage. Very well seasoned, the lamb was perfectly cooked and the cabbage could have been a star of the dish itself. The portion size was huge and thus justified the cost.

rump of lamb, pig hotel, bath, gluten free, menu, hotel

We ended our meal by sitting outside once again to enjoy some of their seasonal ice creams and sorbets, we had Marmalade ice cream and Lemon Verbena, Citrus Sorbets. I live for experimental not-ya-typical sweet food and this was the perfect way to end the meal for us.

Lemon verbena, Marmalade ice cream. Citrus Sorbet

I feel like i should say something negative in this review but i really cannot fault it, the price may be expensive for some but when you’ve had one of the best meals and service in months, it was very easy to pay that bill at the end.

The Pig Hotel, Bath, gluten free, hotel

I can only hope that the other hotels in Southhampton, Brockenhurst and Studland offer the same gluten free service and experience so that people outside of these Somerset ways can also try their gluten free delights.

For more information about The Pig Hotel- Near Bath, do have a gander over on their website.

The Pig Hotel is now on the Gluten Free Bristol List in the new ‘A Bit Further Out’ section.

Have you been here? Let me know what you thought on either my Twitter or Facebook page!


Costa Gluten Free British Chicken & Basil Wrap review

I’m wrapped.

As they say in Australia, well at least in Masterchef Australia, which has thankfully started once again to my delight! If you haven’t seen the Australian Version i highly recommend you do!

Firstly it’s so fantastic to see another, gluten free convenience product bought to a chain coffee shop, the amount of times i have been stuck in the city centre without a substantial lunch offering is reaching the thousands. The new Costa Gluten Free British Chicken & Basil Wrap, certified by Coeliac UK is a truly welcome addition. I feel the uproar of  happiness from the Coeliac and gluten intolerant community.. this is what we wanted, more healthy (ish) lunch choices, less brownies, less sugar and less of the only savoury option of just crisps for a lunch. It was beginning to get frustrating. If i see another brownie or lemon and polenta cake… 

Costa, Gluten Free, Basil, Chicken, Wrap, Wuthering Bites, blog

Thankfully there has been much more experimentation from the chain world, with new desserts that aren’t just fruit, and now Costa have provided us with a wonderful British Chicken and Basil Salad Gluten Free Wrap.
The wrap itself: Delicious, these are supplied to Costa from Newburn Bakehouse– so you know you’re in for a treat if you’ve tried these before!
The filling: Could have done with slightly more chicken and salad (one side of mine was mostly just wrap) and seasoning but i thought it was a very good lunch portion and very tasty. It tasted very fresh and was easy to eat- i could imagine this being very popular in places like theme parks and airports- perfect.
The price: Very fair. £3.75p isn’t bad at all, especially in comparison to some of the gourmet sandwich offering offered in my area. This is perfectly acceptable for a gluten free wrap and i’m sure lots will happily pay for this when all else to offer in the area is straight up junk.
A pleasant addition to Costa chains all over the land and the best gluten free offering i’ve tasted in a while. I bought one again the next day…recommended.
If you get to pick up one of the wraps, let me know what you think on Twitter or Facebook :)
I was given a voucher to review this product but it did no way impact on my review or my choice to try the product, as always it is a completely honest opinion and decision.

Bristol Good Food Awards 2014: Gluten Free Category Finalists!

Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 15.39.29

It’s that time of year again! Bristol restaurants, cafes, local food suppliers and food heroes are all awaiting this big annual event to see if they’ve won a Bristol Good Food Award.

Over the next few weeks i will be in fact judging for the gluten free category! This is the first year this category has been introduced and i feel incredibly honoured to be a part of such a wonderful celebration of Bristol’s great food. Catering to gluten free is highly commendable and in my many years of bidding to getting more gluten free options in restaurants, i really feel this award will really give other Bristol eateries encouragement and reason to think about their menu’s creatively in the future to cater to sufferers of Coeliac Disease and the Gluten Intolerant.

Over the past year, in Bristol and it’s surroundings, i have seen a fantastic rise in gluten free offerings, all which you’ll find on my Gluten Free Bristol List, long may this continue! These are the finalists in the gluten free category, voted by the general public, with links to their individual websites for your perusal. The winner and runner up will be announced on the May 18th- stay tuned!

Bristol Good Food Awards 2014

Best Gluten Free 

Boston Tea Party

Pizza Provencale

Primrose Cafe

The Townhouse

Windmill Hill City Farm