Tea, a kitten and a bit o’ lens flare never did anyone any harm.


So cold and so sunny today.

I was there, sitting on the sofa, trying to conjure up another answer to another job application question. I was out of fuel.

Fuel being tea. What else.

Ash made it so incredibly hard to do anything but put my laptop down (after he was additionally gnawing at my laptop screen and hand for the past 30 minutes); he was just too cute, licking the remains of the tea from my favourite mug.

cute, kitten, cat, bengal, tea, drinking, naughty,

‘Drink more tea, make more love’ indeed.

So i made more tea, finished applying for the jobs and got more love from Ash. Win Win.

Today this is a recipe for contentment. Enjoy.

cute, kitten, stare, beautiful, markings, tea, mug, eyes, cat, naughty

Hello wordpress!

Well i suppose i should say hello! However it’s not just myself who will be featuring on this blog -(a rather obsessed gluten free baker and Kate Bush fanatic) but also my fiance Rob who is a huge food fan and an excellent cook in his own right.

Over the past four years of being gluten intolerant (i’m not actually diagnosed but i suffer from severe IBS) i’ve been so thankful of all these lovely food blogs that i’ve grown to love over the years; essentially i have now gathered enough knowledge to attempt my own, and to share my recipes to you all. That’s not saying that this blog will be strictly gluten free- but it will definitely strictly give you recipes that you can always alter to be.

I can’t stress how much a food blog can help you over come the shock of having to come to terms with cutting out every single item with gluten in, no more ready meals, no more convenience shop brought sandwiches…but wait, do these things even sound that appetizing anyway? It makes you realise how much healthier you could be without all the chemicals and hooblah that you can’t even read on the packet. I do believe in having an option, and this doesn’t mean it has to be ‘gluten based’ (but sometimes it’s just nice:P).

Before i blaggle on much more,- i look forward to discussing with you creation, yummy photography and substitution ideas from all areas of the world,

But for now..a cuppatea is a callin’

Sarah x